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Team Teyla AU Fest Introduction and Guidelines

The polls clearly show that it's time for a Team Teyla AU Fest, so let's get this party started!


We're envious. McSheppers have hundreds of AUs to read. Those of us who root for team have less than a dozen. Is this right? No!

OT4 needs love, that's all we're sayin'.


The festivities will be divided into 2 parts: the April Fool's Day Mini-Fest and the Main Fest.

April Fool's Mini-Fest:

  • Must be posted on April 1st, whenever that is in your part of the world.
  • Signups open through March 31st (yes, that's the night before).
  • Fics must be at least 250 words. (Min. icons: 3. Min. vid length: 45 secs. No limits for other types.) Longer works are welcome, we just want to make sure as many folks as possible can participate.
  • Claim a prompt or BYOP (Bring Your Own Prompt).
  • Kicks off a month of Team, so please join in if you possibly can!

Main Fest:

  • Lasts from April 2 to April 30.
  • Signups are closed.
  • Fics must be at least 500 words. (Min. icons: 3. Min. vid length: 1.5 mins. No limits for other types.)
  • Completed stories/works only. (A story can have sequels/prequels but must be able to stand on its own.)
  • Claim a prompt or BYOP (Bring Your Own Prompt).
  • Claim a posting date (no more than 2 posters will be allowed per day).
  • Claim a beta, if you need one.
  • Post your work!


1. Team Teyla is Teyla, Rodney, John, and Ronon/Aiden (or both). They don't have to be the only characters, but the story should focus on the team and their relationship.

2. 'Complete' AUs are not slight deviations from canon. We'll leave the individual definitions up to you, but this is not the time to explore how "Tabula Rasa" might have been different if "Sunday" had never happened. We're thinking more along the lines of how "Letters from Pegasus" might have happened if they all lived on a cattle ranch in Colorado in the 1880s.

3. Art is good. Icons are good. Vids are good (if you can manage to make them AU—we've seen it done in other ships and it's awesome). Manips are good. Banners, wallpapers, podfics, playlists, whatever you want! We are open to creativity in every fannish form. Art/manips/icons/etc. should contain all 4 characters or clearly reference them (as in this example by ileliberte).

4. Gen is good. Smut is good. Crack is good. Pretty much, if you're asking us, we're going to say "Great!" as long as it's AU and it's Team Teyla.

5. You can still post regular fics to the comm. We have not taken over team_sga for our own nefarious purposes - mecurtin is merely lending us space out of the goodness of her heart.

If this sounds good to you, sign up for the Main Fest or sign up for the April Fool's Mini-Fest - or do both!

Questions about the Fest should be asked here. Signup posts should be reserved for, well, signups. ^_^ Your Fest mods are lovetheboys and briar_pipe.
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