December 14th, 2007

team bonding

Where are all the OT4 AUs?

So I was wondering, guys...

The McSheppers (and others) have a thing going, where they say something like "John is a (logger, ice skater, rainbow, model) and Rodney is a (dryad, coach, unicorn, fashion guru)," and then they write teh romancin'.

Could we do the same?

Namely, I'm looking for complete AU prompts that have the potential for some conflict but also for bringing the team together (romantically or not, that's up to the writer). They could all come together from separate places, or add one person to a three-mix, or two established couples bump into each other, or all four could be friends from way back. Whatever floats your boat! I just want to get story ideas floating, from drama to harlequin to everyday life to crack. I think more folks will write OT4 if they see it as versatile, just like the common pairings.

Does the team crash together in the jungle? Get shipwrecked? Fight crime? Study obscure languages? Take part in a geological survey? Run a restaurant? Camp in a state park? Flee the law? God, I'd love to see an OT4 set in the 5th Element universe. Or something historical. Pirates? Steppe nomads?

My offering: they all hang out at the same gay bar where someone starts taking clandestine photos and posting them to the web. I see Ronon as a police officer in this one, Rodney as a hacker, Teyla as the head of a small, govt funded NPO, and John as a bartender. Not natural allies, but banding together from necessity, esp. Rodney and Ronon, who are very suspicious of each other at first.

Go crazy, guys!

(And just to be clear, I am a-okay with prompts that include Aiden instead of Ronon, or that talk about the replacement. It's all team, right?)

[ETA: And just to be doubly clear, if you want to take a bunny, ask nicely! Just in case someone decides they'd rather keep theirs.]