Cat (cat_77) wrote in team_sga,

Fic - Together

I wrote porn at lunch today. Again. Sorry.

Title: Together
Genre: OT4
Rating: At least R
Length: Drabble – 100 words
Summary: Porn.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, people with a lot of money do. If I did own them, they would be doing this a lot more often.


He ran his hand along her thigh, pushing it backwards, exposing more of her as his tongue ran along her folds. As he began to lap at her juices, she reached out, grabbing the two men laying on the bed beside her.

Though any one of them could drive her to completion, she always came hardest, came loudest when all three were touching her, holding her, driving her mad.

John cupped her breast while Ronon nuzzled her neck, his beard scratchy soft against her over-sensitized skin. “Teyla...” Rodney murmured, voice vibrating against her. She closed her eyes and let go.


Feedback is always welcomed.


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