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Team AU Fest '09 Masterlist, woohoo!

We survived! 22 stories and 9 works of art. 23 participants covering 15 22 some indeterminate number of days. And we're still here to talk about it!

Masterlist time! ^_^

April Fool's Mini-Fest:

A Tragic Tale of Deforestation (and Sex) by cat_77 (OT4, R) - (fairies) After a devastating attack, how will they survive?

Reason to Celebrate by ceitie (OT4, PG) - Zombie apocalypse.

Starcrossed by tielan (Gen, PG-13) - The trials and tribulations of writing for the hit TV series, Starcrossed.

Compositions in the Key of XXX by badwolf36 (OT4, NC-17) - Rodney is a composer of porn music. Teyla is the director. John’s the star. And Ronon’s the new virgin. And yet, somehow, their lives really haven’t changed that much.

Maypole May Day by lovetheboys (OT4, PG) - (Ren Faire AU) "You know what this is, I know what that is..."

From the Top Secret Files of 121 Sycamore Road: The Tree Fort Incident by anonymous (Gen, G) - (Treehouse) Every morning for three weeks, Aiden put things in boxes. Every afternoon, he ran to the walnut tree.

Main Fest (Art):

Ghostbusters teaser The Same Old Song by withlightning (Gen, PG, art + fic)

HP teaser Broomsticks, Quidditch, anything that goes over 200mph by mashimero (Gen, G)

Samurai teaser Stargate Samurai by usomitai (Gen, G)

Superheroes teaser Superhero AU by ileliberte (Gen, G)

Pegasus Theory teaser The Pegasus Theory by mashimero (Gen, G)

Clover teaser 4 Clovers by chkc (Gen, PG)

Dolls teaser Five Characters in Search of an Exit by neevebrody (Gen, G)

Bond teaser A Knife for A Life by berlinghoff79 (Gen, PG)

Heist teaser Security Room by chkc (Gen, PG)

Main Fest (Fic):

The Same Old Song by withlightning (Gen, PG) - The team as Ghostbusters. Art + fic.

She’s Having Their Baby by mpatient_dreamer (Gen, PG-13) - Teyla’s pregnant, but the identity of the father is only the first mystery.

Three Brothers by friendshippers (Gen, PG) - They're all born in Pegasus. When they're still kids, Sateda creates a great alliance across many worlds and exchanges male children between them to cement the agreement. Teyla loses her cousin Kanaan and gains three brothers she never wanted.

Isolation by yappichick (Gen, PG) - Inquisition AU - in the episode "Inquisition", the team lose their case and are banished together to an abandoned planet, where they must struggle to survive and build a life for themselves.

First Night by lovetheboys (OT4, NC-17) - (Ren Faire AU) First night of Faire season, and it's the first night they've been together in months.

Art House by mpatient_dreamer (OT4, NC-17) - (Artist enclave) John never sees these things coming.

With Kid Gloves by renisanz (Gen, PG) - (Daycare Center AU) Three of the team run a daycare center. The fourth wants to enroll his or her young child.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot by cat_77 (Gen, PG-13) - (Team as Assassins) Double-crosses and plans gone awry, and yet she’s still not surprised.

Team Commander Teyla Emmagan Variation by don_in_melb (Gen, PG-13) - Two teams, two agendas, one Daedalus. A variation of the episode "Daedalus Variations".

Where They Understand You by blueflamingo (Gen, PG) - Ronon’s got a B&B in the Satedan countryside, Teyla’s got a baby, Rodney’s got an obsession with the power generator, and John’s got a tendency to go running off without saying where he’s going. Also, there are mice.

Something Dark is Coming by vipersweb (OT4, M) - (Supernatural 'verse) Most Hunters are solitary, Hunting on their own. Atlantis and their teams are different.

Widow's Moon by tielan (Gen, PG-13) - (Black Jewels 'verse) When Teyla doesn't turn up to her morning appointments, three males of Atlantis court go looking for her. What they find is a witch who needs them - if only they can get her to admit it!

All the Cold Stars Above by snarkydame (Gen, PG-13) - (Travelers AU) The team salvages an Ancient ship, but there are pressing problems to consider.

Fly Me to Freedom and Part 2 by maddie_amber (Gen, PG) - (Mysterious Island AU) Three soldiers escape from the American Civil War and crash land on an uninhabited island, or so they think.

Someone Else's Story by live_brave (Gen, PG-13) - (role mix-up) All roads lead to the same destination.

A Narrow Edge by ceitie (Gen, PG) - (urban fantasy AU) He couldn’t remember the dreams, which was also unusual. Just a vague sense of something snapping, crumbling. Watching cracks spidering across a windshield, a flash of the Twin Towers shaking to pieces on his grainy TV screen. Something torn and broken. Kinda like him.

If you're not finished with your story/art yet, take your time. I will add your work once it's posted.

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