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Know when to walk away

SGA Guide - OT4 style?

Hey guys, it's been a while!

The folks at sga_guide are putting together a series of primers on different characters and pairings, and I volunteered to lead the work on the OT4 page. I was wondering if y'all could help steer me in the right direction? I haven't been in SGA fandom full-time since spring of 2009, so I don't know anything about trends since then, nor do I know everything that happened before that, either.

My goal right now is to collect enough information to fill the overview section. The 4 topics are as follows:
  • Brief Overview (popularity, canon situation, etc.)
  • Basic Information (who are the characters, etc.)
  • Key Scenes & Episodes
  • Major Fannish Tropes

The first two I can probably manage myself if need be, though I welcome your input! The last two I definitely need help with. So, what do you consider to be the key scenes and episodes for OT4, and what are the tropes you always associate with the relationship?

(Note: This primer will be OT4, as the Gen Team primer will be separate, according to the mod. That means if someone wants to grab the Gen Team primer and get started, you're welcome to do so!)

(Note 2: If people are interested, I'll run a poll later about which classic team image should be used on the page.)

ETA: Whoops! I forgot to say that this is the Ronon version of OT4. If someone wants to volunteer for the Ford version, I am 100% behind that and will help in any way I can!

ETA2: I've created a Googledoc for the rough draft. If anyone wants to collaborate directly on the doc itself, drop a note here and I will PM you the link. You do not need a Google account to edit the rough draft.

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