Know when to walk away (briar_pipe) wrote in team_sga,
Know when to walk away

OT4 Link Roundup

It astounds me how much OT4 fic is out there, buried, and the harder I look, the harder it is to find.

ETA: Okay, folks, there is now a Big Damn List of Team Shep OT4 (gen teamfic, too) on my lj. Please to be going there, this list won't be updated.

ETA #2, one year later: And now we are delicious! Specifically, sga_ot4_list. Hundreds of stories, art, and other multimedia. *stares in awe at OT4 explosion*

(Most of these came from random wanderings and link lists off comms like sga_newsletter. The apple_pi one came from a rec by 30toseoul.)

Anyone got any more?

On another note, I am pondering: what do folks think the difference is between gen teamfic and G-rated OT4? Or is there one?

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