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Fic: Everybody Loves Rodney by rasah - NC17 OT4 Part 1/2 (Complete)

Title: Everybody Loves Rodney
Author: rasah
Combo(s): Bit of everything... John/Ronon, John/Ronon/Teyla, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla
Archive: Umm... not 100% sure what this means? If you're asking if I mind someone putting this in an Archive site, then no, but I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know...
Rating: NC17
Summary: John finds that he and Ronon have something unexpected in common… then Teyla joins in. Rodney gets the wrong idea… a lot.
Warnings: Contains lots of sex and angst - also a BIG spolier for Season Three ep Sunday
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. Written for love not money.

Authors Note: The words are mine, but the plot belongs to crimsonclad, who wrote this summary, which inspired me! Huge, huge thanks to shrieking_ell for the beta – she really didn’t know what she was getting into when she offered, it turned out to be my longest fic ever! Feedback is, as ever, much appreciated.


John sits in the mess hall watching Rodney. This is nothing new really, he’s always watching Rodney – John sometimes wonders how the whole base doesn’t know about his infatuation. Rodney is eating, which is also nothing new, but today he’s eating a piece of fruit, one of the deep red, soft, juicy, pear-like fruits they’d traded for on P6X-413… and if John doesn’t get out of here soon he may not be able to.

He races back to his quarters, praying to every deity he can think of that he won’t run into anyone. Once inside, almost the second the door closes, he rips open his BDU’s and pushes them down, his boxers are next, and at this point he tries very hard to calm himself down… he really wants to make it to the bed, try to take this slow. John never gets the luxury of slow, usually when Rodney makes him this crazy he’s off-world, and has no option but to relieve himself as quickly as humanly possible in the first private place he can find. Today is different though, he has time, so he might as well use it.

He takes a few deep breaths and walks to his bed, undressing on the way. Once there, he spreads himself out, reveling in the feel of the sheets on his bare skin. He stretches slightly, relaxing muscles that are too tense for what he’s about to do, his brain still foggy, thoughts of Rodney running around his mind, keeping him close enough to the edge that he’s not sure he’s going to be able to make this last after all.

He’s nothing if not determined though, so he slowly runs his hand from groin to chest, so caught up in the moment that he finds it easy to pretend it’s Rodney’s hand… John is keeping his breathing even, he’d learned long ago that he can last longer that way – slow, sure breaths, in and out - as deep as possible. John moves his left hand up to the head of the bed, and grabs onto the edge of the mattress, he needs something to ground him now, with thoughts of Rodney still foremost in his mind.

His right hand is rubbing gentle circles around his nipple, he won’t touch it yet, that might end things too quickly. He arches his back and lets out a moan that he can’t quite contain. He takes a moment to congratulate himself for his patience, which is of course when it runs out. He takes pity on himself and finally, finally, moves his hand down to his cock, which is now so hard John’s a little worried he might come the second he touches himself…

Moving his hand slowly, his grip hard enough to hurt just a little, he jerks himself, remembering Rodney’s hands, dripping with the juice of that fucked-up alien fruit, remembers his mouth, the sounds he was making… John’s left hand is gripping the bed so hard he’s losing the feeling in his fingers, but he can’t stop now… any second… He comes hard, groaning out the only name he ever does…


John lies on his bed, one hand still wrapped around his softening cock, the other still keeping a death-grip on the bed. He opens his eyes and turns his head… only to see Ronon standing just inside his (thankfully, closed) door. The look on his face isn’t one John can describe.

"Ronon… what? What are you doing here?" John asks breathlessly, hoping to hell Ronon’s hasn’t been there as long as John fears he has.

"You ran out. Teyla sent me to find out what’s wrong." Ronon doesn’t sound like himself, but John still can’t figure out if he’s mad, disgusted, confused, or… well, it’s unlikely he’d be turned-on by what he must have seen, but John can’t help thinking that may be it…

"So, er, how long have you been here?" John tries not to sound nervous, but there’s a pretty good chance he’s just destroyed whatever image of him Ronon may have had.

"Long enough" Ronon says, and then starts to move towards the bed. Oh shit, John suddenly realizes he’s naked, and his team-mate has decided to sit right next to him, what the hell?

"Er… Ronon…"

"It was the fruit, right?" Ronon isn’t looking at John, he’s staring straight ahead, and his voice sounds… wistful?

John figures he really doesn’t have much to hide at this point, so he answers honestly.

"Yeah, fruit… yeah." Well, now John sounds kind of wistful too, but who can blame him?

Ronon sighs. John is pretty sure he’s never heard Ronon sigh before. The thought pops into John’s head without warning…

"Oh my God… you? I mean… you too?" John’s head is spinning, how can he have not seen this? Ronon has a thing for Rodney! It’s obvious now he thinks about it, but he really doesn’t want to think about it. John is irrationally jealous all of a sudden… what if Ronon has a chance? What if Rodney wants him? What if Ronon is Rodney’s type? That particular worry is put to rest almost as soon as John has formed the thought – Rodney’s into women, more’s the pity, he wouldn’t want Ronon any more than he’d want John.

"Sorry, buddy. Sucks, doesn’t it?" John puts as much sympathy into his voice as he can manage.

"Yeah. So… you ever… you know? Ask him?" Ronon still can’t look at John directly, but he does at least turn towards him a little.

"No. No point. Even if he was into guys, he’s never shown any interest in me. He likes me well enough, but he’s surrounded by brilliant scientists every day, and for all his talk about Colonel Carter, it’s not her looks that he’s really attracted to. No, if Rodney was into guys, it wouldn’t make any difference, and I don’t want to lose him. I can’t tell him." John moves to sit next to Ronon at the edge of the bed, hoping he doesn’t look as ridiculous as he feels – he is still naked after all – John places a hand on Ronon’s shoulder and speaks softly "You probably shouldn’t tell him either, big guy. I’m not saying he wouldn’t…" but Ronon interrupts him.

"You think I’m stupid?" And now he finally looks at John. "He doesn’t want me any more than he wants you."

Ronon sighs again, and, as he stands to leave, he looks back at John.

That was pretty hot, you know? Before, when you were…" he gestures at John, and there’s that sigh again.

As soon as Ronon is through the door and he’s alone again, John collapses back onto the bed, his thoughts in turmoil. John had always known that he and Ronon had things in common, he just hadn’t known how much


The next few days are difficult. Ronon seems to have withdrawn into himself, he’s barely speaking to anyone – not that this is exactly new, but John can easily tell the difference between Ronon’s usual reticence, and this... this… depression. John really doesn’t want to use that word when he’s thinking about his friend, but nothing else seems to fit.

The thing is, John can’t figure out why he’s depressed, a problem shared is a problem halved, isn’t that what they say? It occurs to John that Ronon may be worried about what John will do, but he dismisses that, Ronon knows John would never do anything to hurt him, doesn’t he?

John resolves to speak to Ronon about this as soon as they get back to Atlantis, and away from this back-water dive of a planet they’re on. It’s raining, it’s muddy, there’s nothing interesting here, no potential allies, no Ancient tech… nothing! Well… apart from Rodney’s complaining of course. Dear God, John’s got it bad, how can he be finding that sexy?

John looks over to Ronon and discovers that he seems to be having the same problem, he’s smiling slightly to himself, and when he looks at John his smile widens, they share a look and it’s all John can do not to laugh out loud. Wow, it’s actually kind of nice to be able to share this with someone…

The visual that has just popped into John’s head is a little disturbing… he’s never thought about Ronon like that! Except, now he is, and it’s… nice. Ronon is about as different to Rodney as it gets, but… they have this connection now, and John finds he is warmed by that thought.

Well, this is weird - he’s surely not finding Ronon attractive just because they have a crush on the same guy? That would just be, well, weird. Only… Ronon is looking at him now, and he looks kind of, well, hot. Huh, interesting.


John is hanging out in his room – he’s not hiding, he’s really not. Except, he is. And not from Rodney, this time it’s from Ronon. They’d been sharing weird looks all afternoon, and John just really isn’t comfortable with where he thinks this is going…

Also, hiding in your own room? Probably not the smartest idea, especially since Ronon knows perfectly well where John’s room is…

Hmm… maybe John wants to be found?

The door opens and Ronon walks in as if he owns the place. He walks over to John’s bed and sits down, so John sits next to him - it seems like the polite thing to do.

"I never used to like rain." John would try to make sense of Ronon’s seemingly random comment, but Ronon is already speaking again, "… like it now though. Did you see? Did you see how his hair kept getting all…" Ronon makes a gesture that John assumes means ‘messy’. "And when the rain stopped? He was still really wet, rain dripping down his neck, down his face…" Jesus, if John wasn’t turned on enough just remembering that, the tone of Ronon’s voice would do it. He sounds… well… he sounds like John. Breathless, and excited, and, just, wow. Are they really going to do this?

"Ronon…" John starts to speak, but Ronon cuts him off.

"Did you see him in the Jumper? He was muttering to himself about stupid planets, with stupid mud," Ronon and John share a grin at that, Rodney really does complain like no-one else, "he kept dropping his data-thing, and having to lean over to pick it up… damn, did you see? The way his shirt kept riding up? You could just see his skin, just a little bit… damn." Ronon has started to move his hand on his thigh, just slightly, slowly, caressing his leg and breathing heavily as he remembers Rodney in the Jumper. And John hasn’t been this hard since, well, since the last time he let himself dwell on thoughts of the sexy scientist.

He finally manages to speak. "Yeah, and what about in the briefing? He was getting all… mad about ‘yet another pointless mission’ and waving his hands around all… you know." John’s hands are moving now too, he’s rubbing them both along his own thighs, staying away from his aching cock, this time he won’t let it end too fast.

As one, they move back onto the bed, still not touching, but getting closer, until they’re sitting, cross-legged, facing each other. Their eyes finally meet and John’s breath catches at the look Ronon’s giving him… this is pure heat, pure want, and it’s all for Rodney. Well, John can get on board with that. He tentatively reaches one hand out to Ronon’s leg, touching his knee lightly. The soft moan that escapes from Ronon’s lips makes John bolder, he moves his hand up along Ronon’s thigh, the muscles taut, hard, inviting.

Ronon is talking again, "His thighs, have you seen? When he’s sitting on the floor somewhere, fixing something, his hands flying, doing things I don’t understand… his thighs are all, firm, I wish… I wish…" Ronon doesn’t finish that sentence, but he doesn’t need to. John knows, because he wishes it too. Wishes he could have those thighs holding him in place, wishes he could feel them hard against him as Rodney pulls him in… they’d be different to Ronon’s hard, muscular thighs, maybe they’d be smoother, softer… but no less inviting. John is just barely able to keep his breathing even now, but it doesn’t matter, because Ronon’s breathing just as hard, and they haven’t even got to the good part yet.

Ronon is talking softly to himself, but John can’t really make out the words anymore. Ronon’s hand has moved to John’s fly and is going to work, he has John’s pants open and pushed out of the way in mere seconds, and John can’t help but wonder if Rodney would hesitate now, if he’d fumble, if he’d… Jesus. Ronon has grabbed hold of John, hard. John has to bite his lip and think of Wraith, and his mother, and anything but Rodney, to keep himself from coming at the first touch.

Not wanting Ronon to feel left out, John pulls open his friend’s pants, it’s not easy, they’re bloody tied together, and John really isn’t in the right frame of mind to be dealing with something so complicated. He does manage it eventually though, and, as he takes Ronon into his hand, his thoughts are of Rodney.

He wonders if Rodney would moan like Ronon is, if he’d push up into John’s hand, like Ronon is… he’s pretty sure Rodney wouldn’t say his own name though. Ronon is repeating it on a loop now ‘Rodney, Rodney, Rodney’, John realizes with a start that he’s doing the same thing.

The angle they have is awkward, but it doesn’t matter. They are jerking each other off fast now, both breathing so heavily, and so loud, that John wouldn’t be surprised if the whole base can hear them. John rests his head on Ronon’s shoulder and then Ronon lowers his own head to John’s shoulder, they’re both moaning now, overcome with how fucking hot this is, the two of them, bringing each other off, with no finesse, no art, just pure, unadulterated, passion. For the same man.

Thinking about Rodney again is all it takes to push John over the edge. Ronon follows, just seconds behind. When they simultaneously gasp out the name of the man they both want, John has to suppress a giggle at how ridiculous this is, at what they’ve done, what they’re doing. He just hopes they can do it again. 


They settle into a routine of sorts. Ronon will usually come to John’s room, worked up from something Rodney’s done, or said, or (lets be honest) sometimes just because Ronon’s been in a room with Rodney – it really doesn’t take much. John never starts anything, he prefers to wait, drag it out. Sometimes he’s so desperate by the time Ronon comes to him that he can barely even think straight. This fucked-up whatever-it-is that they’re doing might be the death of him.

Of course, it’s inevitable that Teyla finds out. She’s not blind, and she knows both John and Ronon very well. John isn’t surprised when she asks them about it one evening over dinner. He is surprised, however, by her reaction…

They’re in John’s room, watching Rocky III on DVD, Rodney hadn’t been able to make it, something about the city being in danger of blowing up. John’s pretty sure the danger is all in Rodney’s head – someone would have told John if there was something serious going on.

John and Ronon have been talking about Rodney’s latest date with Katie. Maybe they’d forgotten Teyla was in the room, maybe they thought they were being subtle enough, maybe they’re just stupid. After a particularly colorful description of what Ronon would like to do to the tiny botanist, Teyla suddenly speaks up.

"So, you both want him?" How can Teyla manage to sound serene when asking a question like that? Hang on, what did she say?

"Er, Teyla… we don’t, we’re not…" John can usually form sentences better than that, Teyla’s question has really thrown him for a loop.

She looks at John with an expression of pity and understanding. "John, do not take me for a fool. I see the way you look at him," she moves her eyes to Ronon, "and you. You both want him, don’t you? Not that I can blame you." She’s still smiling, only now the smile is a little sad.

One day, John might understand women, but not today.

"Teyla? Jesus. You too?" John is, frankly, astounded. Oh, he knows Rodney is the sexiest man in the galaxy, Ronon knows it too, but John had never expected Teyla to. She seems like the kind of women who’d go for the man underneath, not just the… wait… huh, well, maybe John really is stupid. After all, he sees, and loves, what’s underneath all of Rodney’s bluster, so why wouldn’t Teyla? Why wouldn’t she want him? Any woman with half a mind would.

John sags back into the couch, and, when he dares to look at Ronon, he can see the same expression, the same realization. Ronon and John aren’t a threat to each other, Rodney wouldn’t want them anyway, so there’s no competition, but Teyla. Teyla is what Rodney wants – a beautiful, intelligent, woman. John really doesn’t want to hate the woman sitting next to him, but he can’t help it. She could have him, she could have Rodney.

Ronon, sitting on the other side of Teyla, looks every bit as shell-shocked as John. He knows what this means too.

John is trying to think of something to say, Teyla is looking a little uncomfortable under their stares, and John really doesn’t want her to know how crushed he is, how much he wants her to just leave him and Ronon alone.

"So, um, are you going to tell him?" John prays hard that she says no, although he really can’t think of any reason she would.

"No." Huh? What does she mean ‘no’? Ronon asks the question before John can.

"Why not? Are you crazy? You would at least have a chance." Bless him, Ronon somehow manages to avoid sounding bitter when he says that.

But Teyla is rolling her eyes and sighing, and then she says, sounding sad again, "He wouldn’t want me, Ronon. I know he finds me attractive, although I am not certain that he prefers women as bed partners, but I’m not what he needs, I’m not like him, I sometimes understand what he’s saying, but not often, I can’t be what he wants." John’s heart breaks a little at the tone of her voice, but he can’t help but think she’s probably right. Rodney needs someone who’ll challenge him, and Teyla, for all her charms, for all that she has a brilliant mind, just isn’t in Rodney’s league.

In an effort to comfort his friend, John takes her hand in his.

"I’m sorry, Teyla." He looks her in the eye and tries to convey his honest sympathy, but he sees something there that surprises him a little, or, actually, a lot. She’s looking at him the way Ronon does. Well, huh. This is unexpected. But, it works for John and Ronon, so why not for Teyla?

He can’t really speak now, he’s pretty sure anything he says would come out trite, or just ridiculous. So instead, he stands up, pulling her with him. Ronon stands too, Teyla now bracketed between them. She looks up at John with a hunger that makes his breath stop in his chest, she really wants this.

John leads her to the bed and slowly begins to remove her clothes, he’s nervous all of a sudden – it’s been a while since he’s done this with a woman, but Ronon joins in and John finds himself relaxing.

Teyla’s hands are fumbling with his fly, and Ronon’s hands are busy removing Teyla’s pants, so John takes the opportunity to really look at Teyla. He’d always known she was beautiful of course, he’s not blind, but she looks so… radiant in this moment, and, somehow, still serene, as if she’s not about to have sex with two of her team-mates, as if she’s not wishing they were both someone else.

She moans softly when he reaches out to caress her breast. Her head falls back onto Ronon’s shoulder so John leans forward to take one perfect nipple into his mouth, moving his tongue in quick, sure strokes, sucking slightly and reveling in the taste of her. Ronon is kissing his way down her neck, his hands tight around her waist, and now her moaning is louder, and she’s breathing heavily, her chest heaving beneath John’s hand and mouth.

John eventually stops what he’s doing and kneels in front of her. Ronon moves one hand up to replace John’s lips on Teyla’s nipple, all the while still kissing and sucking on her neck. John mouths his way from Teyla’s navel to the line of her pubic hair. He licks a stripe along the join of hip and thigh and Teyla squirms at the touch.

John moves lower and gets his first taste of his friend, now his lover - she’s warm and John has to take a moment to calm down, he hadn’t even noticed getting hard, but he’s suddenly sure he’s about to come in his pants, like a teenager. He looks up briefly and the whole thing almost ends right there – Teyla and Ronon are kissing. Ronon is standing behind Teyla and she has one hand in his hair, holding him in place, they are both clearly enjoying the kiss, groaning into each others mouths, Teyla’s other hand gripping Ronon’s around her waist.

John wishes Rodney were here, even if he doesn’t really want Teyla, surely he’d have to be inhuman not to be turned on by that.

Ronon is slowly moving the hand Teyla isn’t holding down her belly, John moves forward again and licks his way up from Teyla’s hip to Ronon’s hand, taking Ronon’s fingers in and sucking on them. He can hear Ronon’s groans getting louder and so he sucks harder, willing Ronon to understand his plan. Ronon, god love him, gets with the program immediately, sliding his hand lower. John resumes his previous position at Teyla’s clitoris, moving his tongue slowly around the slight protrusion, hoping that he’s at least somewhere near the right spot. He gets his answer when Teyla let outs a small cry, clearly pleasure rather than pain, so he starts to lick, and suck, and caress her with his mouth. Ronon finally reaches his goal, sliding his fingers into her slowly. The angle is pretty awkward, John and Ronon each trying not get in each other’s way. John starts to alternate his attention on Teyla with small kisses, and bites, to Ronon’s hand. Teyla is really making a lot of noise now, and Ronon has given up trying to kiss her, he releases Teyla’s hand and places his on the back of John’s head, holding him in place. John has lost all pretense of finesse now, he’s working Teyla as hard and fast as he can, spurred on by the sounds she’s making, the way she’s writhing between him and Ronon, and the way Ronon’s hand is gripping his hair, pushing him to go faster. Finally, Teyla arches her back so hard it must hurt, and lets out the loudest, longest moan yet. She’s shivering beneath John’s tongue, bucking against him, and John’s pretty sure that, if Ronon weren’t holding her up, she would have collapsed in a heap on the floor by now.

At the pinnacle of what appears to be a pretty impressive orgasm (if John does say so himself… OK, Ronon helped), Teyla softly says the name John had been waiting to hear. And damn if she doesn’t make Rodney’s name sounds all kinds of sexy.

Teyla comes back to herself pretty quickly, but John’s not jealous, no way, he’s glad he’s a man and doesn’t have an almost immediate refractory period, really, he is. She smiles down at John and holds her hand out, helping him to stand – not easy, he’s so hard now it’s entirely likely there’ll be permanent damage.

John is slightly surprised to note that Ronon doesn’t seem to be having the same problem. But then John notices the damp patch spreading over the big man’s pants and can’t help but feel a little smug.

Teyla pushes John onto the bed, and not lightly either, she has a look in her eye that should probably worry John, but instead he finds himself having to think about Wraith, a lot. No way in hell he’s going to come in his pants like Ronon did, no way.

Ronon lays on the other side of John, relaxing, and apparently happy to just watch whatever’s coming next. Which turns out to be Teyla all but tearing John’s pants off, and then straddling him. Before John can even process that, she’s guiding him into herself, a look of bliss on her face, John is still thinking really hard about Wraith… Wraith in drag, Wraith covered in custard, pretty much anything to keep from embarrassing himself.

Teyla has her hands on Johns chest and is riding him slowly, a hell of a lot slower than John would like right now. He’s about to tell her, ask her, beg her, to move faster, when she starts giving out orders.

"My hips, hold on, tight. That’s what he’d do… he’d grip me so hard he’d leave bruises." Jesus Christ, is she trying to kill him? What is she thinking? She can’t talk about Rodney now! There’s no way in hell John will last more than two seconds if he thinks about Rodney. Except he is, he’s thinking about how Rodney would be babbling right about now, about how his hands would be everywhere, finding every one of Teyla’s hot-spots with his brilliantly precise mind, about how he’d be moaning, and panting and… fuck.

Well, he’d lasted longer than he thought he would, and, thankfully, Teyla doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seems to be in the middle of her own orgasm. Huh, when did that happen? The last few minutes come flooding back and John realizes that he’d been speaking aloud, and his insane cock makes a valiant attempt to get hard again at the idea that Teyla is coming because she’s thinking about the exact same thing that John is.

All three of them are so spent they can barely manage to move, so they simply curl up together on John’s (new and, thankfully, very wide) bed and fall into a blissful sleep, each of them wishing that their beloved team-mate were here with them. 


So, now that John and Ronon’s fucked-up twosome has turned into John, Ronon and Teyla’s fucked-up threesome, John finds he’s having trouble looking Rodney in the eye. He’s bizarrely worried that Rodney will somehow know what they’re doing. That he’ll figure out that they’re fucking each other like bunnies, all the while thinking of him, and John can’t help but think Rodney would be spectacularly put out by that.

It’s not like it’s exactly healthy after all. The three of them, bringing each other off to fantasies of Rodney - and it’s not like it’s just while they’re having sex either, they talk about him all the time. They compare notes, regale each other with stories of whatever Rodney’s done that day to drive them mad, comfort each other when the knowledge that they’ll never have what they really want becomes too much.

John is seriously considering ending the whole thing. Except… he can’t. The three of them together somehow works, he feels better than he has in months, he just wishes… well, it doesn’t matter what he wishes. Rodney doesn’t want them, certainly wouldn’t want them all, and John is suddenly sure that he wouldn’t be able to live with anything else. If Rodney came to him now, John wouldn’t be able to do that to Ronon and Teyla, it has to be all or nothing now. A traitorous part of John’s mind points out that it will be nothing, Rodney doesn’t want them, he never will.

Well, now John’s managed to depress the hell out of himself. He wanders to the mess hall, hoping to find Ronon or Teyla, or even Rodney, sometimes all a bit of depression needs is perspective…

Rodney isn’t in the mess, but Cadman is. She makes a bee-line for John and before he has time to wonder what the hell she wants, she tells him.

"Colonel, what’s going on with you and Rodney?" Huh?

"Er… nothing. Why?"

"You’re avoiding him, snubbing him, all three of you. It’s not fair." Cadman sounds really pissed, and John would tell her where to stick her concern if he wasn’t suddenly worried that she might be right. Maybe they had been avoiding him? It had been getting harder and harder to be around him without feeling guilty, or horny, or both.

He sighs and rubs his hand across his face, wishing Teyla were here, she’d be better at handling this. "We’re not avoiding him Lieutenant, but you’re right, we haven’t had a lot of quality team-time lately. Don’t worry, I’ll go find him, tell him everything’s fine." John’s not sure how convincing he sounds, but Cadman seems to buy it, stomping off and muttering about stupid men. 


John finds Rodney, big surprise, in his lab, berating his staff. John takes a moment to enjoy the sight, Rodney looking as though he’s about to blow a gasket, shouting out his usual inventive and witty insults… Damn, this was a bad idea, a few minutes of this is enough to have John as hard as a rock, and how is he suppose to make nice now? He backs out of the lab as quietly as possible and heads for his quarters, he considers stopping to call Ronon and Teyla, but he’s pretty sure they’re training and wouldn’t appreciate the interruption.

John makes it to his room and has his clothes off in record time, he heads into the shower, maybe he can just take care of this and then go back? Once he’s under the running water he thinks back to the lab, to Rodney’s face, Rodney’s hands, Rodney’s voice… it takes no more than a few strokes before he coming hard enough for his legs to buckle beneath him. Sitting on the cold floor, John thinks to himself that this has gotten ridiculous. These days he can barely even be in a room with Rodney, he’s so desperate for him that it’s affecting their friendship. John wonders if his arrangement with Teyla and Ronon is actually doing more harm than good. If maybe their shared fantasies, their constant focus on their team-mate, is making things harder for each of them.

John wishes he could do the right thing, end this before it causes too much harm, before they all get hurt, but he can’t. Teyla and Ronon are all he has, he can’t give them up, he just can’t. He’s just going to have to learn to control himself around Rodney, that’s all. Rodney will probably have more luck with that unified theory he’s always going on about, but John can at least try. 


Rodney is sitting in the mess, alone, when his team arrives. As is usual these days, they don’t come over to sit with him, instead choosing a table in the corner. Rodney tries very hard not to feel hurt, but… what did he do? Why can they all not stand to be around him all of a sudden? He’d thought they were getting closer, after the whole almost-ascending thing, he’d thought they were friends. Well, so much for that.

Rodney knows he doesn’t fit in with the rest of his team, he knows they really have nothing in common, but… well, no sense dwelling on it, if they don’t want to spend time with him, that’s fine. Rodney doesn’t need anyone else, he’s just fine on his own, he really is.

Walking back to his lab, Rodney allows his thoughts to return to his team. Sheppard, with his ridiculous hair, and his ridiculous death-wish, and his stupid, sexy… everything. Then there’s Ronon, possibly the scariest man Rodney’s ever met, but also kind of sweet (when he thinks no-one’s looking), and funny too. Who’d have thought? Rodney’s thoughts turn to Teyla, the enigmatic and beautiful leader of the Athosians (or, former leader, Rodney supposes), with her knowing smile, her wicked sense of humour, her strength (both physical and emotional). Well, this line of thinking is just making Rodney feel worse.

When he arrives back at the lab he throws himself into his work, refusing to acknowledge his exclusion from his own team. After an hour or so he’s given up any pretense of work, he’s simply sitting in the lab trying to pin-point the moment he lost them, when did they stop even pretending to like him? He’s pretty sure everything had been fine up until a few months ago, so what had happened? What had he done to deserve this? It was almost as though his team couldn’t stand to be around him anymore. Rodney resolves to track them down and find out what the hell is going on.

After trying the usual places (gym, mess hall), he wanders over to the living quarters. At this time of day it’s unlikely anyone will be in their quarters, but it’s worth a shot.

Standing outside Sheppard’s door, Rodney takes a deep breath and tries to decide how to broach this subject, he can hardly just storm in there and ask ‘why don’t you like me anymore?’, or… well… he could, but Sheppard would probably just laugh at him. A noise from behind the door pulls him out of his thoughts… is someone screaming in there?

Rodney over-rides the locking mechanism and takes a step into the room. The sight that greets him is shocking, to say the least. Sheppard, Ronon and Teyla, are all on the bed… naked. He backs out of the room as quickly as possible, relatively sure that none of them saw him. His mind is spinning – what was that? Actually… he’s not that naive, he knows what it was, he just can’t believe they were… well… having sex. All three of them. Together. Although… thinking about it, it makes sense, Rodney supposes, they are all three ridiculously gorgeous, and hot, and… Rodney needs to get back to him room, fast. 

End of Part One - Go to Part Two HERE
Tags: rating:adult

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