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Fic: Everybody Loves Rodney by rasah - NC17 OT4 Part 2/2 (Complete)

Title: Everybody Loves Rodney
Author: rasah
Combo(s): Bit of everything... John/Ronon, John/Ronon/Teyla, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla
Archive: OK, but please let me know
Rating: NC17
Summary: John finds that he and Ronon have something unexpected in common… then Teyla joins in. Rodney gets the wrong idea… a lot.
Warnings: Contains lots of sex and angst - also a BIG spolier for Season Three ep Sunday
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. Written for love not money.

Authors Note: The words are mine, but the plot belongs to crimsonclad, who wrote this summary, which inspired me! Huge, huge thanks to shrieking_ell for the beta – she really didn’t know what she was getting into when she offered, it turned out to be my longest fic ever! Feedback is, as ever, much appreciated.


Rodney observes his team the next day. They’re eating together in the mess hall, and (now that he knows) it’s obvious what’s going on between them. The way they look at each other, the identical looks of wonder they each get when they’re talking, sharing some story, the way Ronon brushes a stray lock of hair from Teyla’s face, the way Sheppard is looking at both of them.

Rodney’s lunch suddenly isn’t so appetising. Just when he thought he couldn’t feel any less a part of his own team, this happens. The beautiful members of Atlantis Gate Team One are sleeping together, and he didn’t even warrant a courtesy invite. Not that he wants them, not at all, not even a little bit… but why don’t they want him? He hadn’t really believed any of them to be so shallow, I mean sure, he’s nowhere near their league, looks-wise… and that’s the thing isn’t it? Rodney has to be honest with himself and ask the right question - why would they want him?

They make fun of him all the time, how useless he is with women, how difficult he is, and just a few short months ago Ronon had made fun of his weight. Rodney is angry now, why had they been pretending to like him? Why had they made him feel as though he had friends at last? When Carson had died, they had all been there for him, making him believe they cared. Clearly that’s not the case though – he can understand why they wouldn’t want him to join in their festivities, but they hadn’t even told him. They’re supposed to be a team, aren’t they?

Rodney is sitting on his own in the mess hall, feeling sorry for himself, when Katie approaches him. They haven’t really spoken much since that fateful lunch date – the one that got Carson killed. He really isn’t in the mood for this now, so he stands to leave.

"Rodney?" Katie is looking at him thoughtfully, concern evident in her voice. She’s kind of reminding Rodney of Cadman, who has been acting all big-sisterly around Rodney lately.

"Katie. I’m due back in the lab…" he gestures towards the door, but he knows he sounds exactly how he feels, so he really doesn’t expect her to just let him go. He isn’t disappointed.

"Rodney, you know you can talk to me, right? I mean, I know we’re not… you know. But you can talk to me, if you need to. I hope you know that?" She looks so sincere that Rodney feels very bad for the way he’s treated her.

"I know, and I appreciate that, really I do. It’s just… it’s nothing, really. Just…" Rodney looks over to his team-mates, and can’t suppress a sigh. "Nothing. Really. I found something out about my supposed friends, and, I guess I just realised that we’re not as close as I thought. I… I’m just feeling kind of left out." He sighs again before continuing, "It doesn’t matter. I have to get back to the lab, see you later?" Rodney doesn’t wait for an answer, and he’s halfway to the lab before it occurs to him that he’s left his data pad in the mess hall, but right now, he really doesn’t care. 


John watches Rodney leave the mess and feels terrible all over again. He really needs to make more of an effort to spend time with Rodney; the way they’re treating him isn’t fair. He notices Rodney’s data pad and makes a decision, he’ll go see Rodney right now, clear the air, try and get their friendship back on track.

Rodney is sitting in the lab staring at a computer screen when John arrives, but he doesn’t appear to be working, just staring at the screen. Well, that can’t be good.

"Rodney? You OK, buddy?" Rodney turns to look at him, and John is a little surprised at the expression on his face. He looks… sad.

Rodney takes a deep breath and looks right at John. "I’m fine, Colonel. Did you want something? I’m incredibly busy."

John doesn’t really know what to say, clearly there’s something wrong with Rodney, John hopes this isn’t because of the way he and Ronon and Teyla have been avoiding him, but he has a horrible feeling it is.

"You left this in the mess," John places Rodney’s data pad on the desk, "I thought you might need it." He smiles at Rodney, in what he hopes is a reassuring way. It doesn’t seem to work though. Rodney just looks even more miserable, if that’s possible.

"Thank you, Colonel. That’s very thoughtful of you. Is that all?" Now John’s sure Rodney’s mood is his fault. He’s using that tone, the one he gets when he’s annoyed, or disappointed in someone. How is John supposed to fix this? Well, he has to try.

"Hey, you got plans for tonight? You wanna play chess or something?" John is really trying to sound casual about it, but he’s not sure he succeeds.

"No thank you, Colonel. I’m sure we both have better things to do. Was there anything else? I really am very busy." Rodney still sounds a little sad, kind of resigned, and John feels something tighten in his chest, this is his fault, he’s sure of it. He has to do something, and right now the only person he can think of who might be able to help is Katie Brown. Rodney had been talking to her right before he left the mess, maybe he told her what’s wrong? 


John finds Katie in her lab and when he asks her if she knows what’s wrong with Rodney, her explanation doesn’t really make sense.

He feels left out? Of what? Oh, God. He knows. But… how? And what can John possibly say to make him understand? He’s clearly angry about it, and who can blame him? How can John fix this?

John races to the gym to find Ronon and Teyla, who are (unsurprisingly) sparring. He tells them everything he just learned from Katie, but it isn’t until he’s almost done that it occurs to him – Rodney feels left out.

Teyla is looking thoughtful, but she doesn’t sound confident when she speaks.

"Do you think, maybe he… maybe he…" she cuts herself off and looks from Ronon to John, apparently hoping they will just figure out what she means, without her having to say it. Just as John is about to point out who she’s speaking to, Ronon answers her.

"Only one way to find out. We should ask him." Now, he says we. But he’s looking right at John when he says it, clearly expecting John to do all the work. John would point out that he’s not exactly known for being good at talking about feelings or, well, anything personal, but Teyla beats him to it.

"No, I think we should all speak to him, together. Invite him to join us." How can Teyla be sounding so calm about this? Does she realize what she’s saying?

She places a hand gently on John’s arm and speaks again, "John, I know he’s not likely to want anything serious from any of us, certainly not from all of us, but… maybe just one night? Maybe he’d want that."

The three of them are standing in the gym, none quite able to voice their thoughts anymore, John’s mind is frantically trying to figure out which is worse, never having a chance, or having it and losing. What if Rodney says no? What if he says yes? Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, his mind doesn’t do all of his thinking for him. He nods to Teyla and turns to face Ronon, whose face is as unreadable as ever. Ronon slowly nods. So, that’s it then, after coming together due to their shared infatuation, they’re finally going to find out if they were right all along about Rodney not wanting them back. 


Rodney stops outside Sheppard’s door and wonders if he can really be bothered to put himself through this. Sheppard had called earlier and asked Rodney to join the team for a ‘movie night’. Rodney, not being stupid, knows what this is about. Sheppard feels bad for ignoring him these last couple of months, and he’s trying to make up for it. Teyla and Ronon get the hot sex; Rodney gets some third-rate movie he’s probably already seen a hundred times. Typical.

The door opens before Rodney has really decided whether or not he’s going in. Oh well, no getting out of this now. John is standing in the doorway beaming at him. Seriously, beaming. The way he does when he's trying to charm some beautiful native woman. Rodney stops short, what the hell? Why is Sheppard looking at him like that? Stepping into the room, Rodney just gets more confused. Ronon is sitting on the bed, facing the door, and he looks… weird. Rodney is a genius, but he really can’t come up with a word to describe the way Ronon’s looking at him right now, all Rodney knows is that it’s making him a little uncomfortable, and more than a little warm… is the heat on in here?

Confused, Rodney turns towards the door again, and sees Teyla. OK, he doesn’t need to be a genius to recognize that look. She’s practically devouring him with her eyes, and not being even a little bit subtle about it. A large part of Rodney’s brain is screaming at him to run away before these three eat him alive, a smaller part, the part that’s controlled by another piece of his anatomy, is refusing to let him move.

"Rodney," Teyla says, while moving towards him, with her usual cat-like grace, "we were hoping you might like to join us for the evening."

Rodney swallows hard, his throat is dry and he’s really having trouble coming up with a comeback of any kind, what is this? Why are they suddenly… oh. It hits him with a painful force - they’re offering him a pity fuck. Sheppard figured out somehow why Rodney was out of sorts this afternoon, and they decided to take pity on him!

If he were being offered this by anyone else on the base, he would probably be able to say no, to keep his pride intact, but these three… the part of him that will never learn thinks maybe he can make them like him, thinks that maybe, if he’s good enough tonight, they’ll want him to join them for real. He can ignore his pride for one night.

He can’t actually say anything though, all words seem to have deserted him, so he simply reaches out, taking Teyla’s hand. He hasn’t quite got the nerve to even look at John or Ronon just yet.

Teyla moves forward, pressing up against him and leaning her head back to look him in the eye, Rodney is fairly sure there isn’t a man alive who could resist that invitation, so he doesn’t. He leans down and kisses her softly, he’s knows he’s good at this, the ex-girlfriend who was more than happy to tell him about all of his other shortcomings, was always complimentary about his kissing technique.

Rodney places both hands on Teyla’s face, gently holding her in place. He kisses her upper lip, and then moves to the lower one, sucking it slightly, his tongue just barely reaching out, caressing hers. She’s letting him lead, so he makes the kiss last, light touches, soft sweeps of his tongue, until she’s following him almost desperately every time he moves away from her. Teyla lets him get away with the teasing for longer than he had expected, but when her patience runs out, she grabs his head in her hands and kisses him forcefully, passionately, and when she finally lets him up for air he’s not sure if he could spell his own name correctly.

Someone (he’s pretty sure it’s John) comes up behind him and places his hands on Rodney’s waist, and then he leans in and kisses Rodney’s neck, softly at first, but then with more force, eventually adding little bites and licks, and then sucking hard on the spot where Rodney’s neck and shoulder meets. Rodney drops his head back onto John’s shoulder, his hands still holding Teyla against him, grounding him somehow. Rodney can hear someone moaning softly, and realizes it must be him.

John is kissing his neck and his hands are gripping Rodney’s hips, hard enough to leave bruises. Teyla puts her hand to the back of Rodney’s neck and pulls him down slightly so that she can copy John’s actions, but then, just as Rodney is about to start worrying about his back, Ronon speaks softly to John and Teyla.

"His back. Come here." John and Teyla don’t seem to need much more of an explanation, Teyla taking Rodney’s hand and leading him to the bed, with John following. Ronon stands up and pulls his shirt off, leaving Rodney even less capable of speech than he had been before. Suddenly John and Teyla are removing Rodney’s clothes, he really wants to protest, there’s no way he’s going to look good next to any of his team-mates, but he still can’t really speak so he allows them to undress him.

Gentle hands push him onto his back on the bed, and Rodney is a little surprised to note that those hands belong to Ronon, who then lies next to Rodney and props himself up on one elbow running his hand slowly, softly, across Rodney’s chest. He’s looking into Rodney’s eyes so intently that it’s making Rodney a little uncomfortable, what can Ronon possibly be expecting to see in there?

Before Rodney’s stupid brain can ruin this by over-thinking, John and Teyla start to undress and, well, Rodney’s pretty sure Einstein himself would have had trouble holding onto a thought with that in front of him. Ronon has removed the rest of his own clothes now and Rodney looks at each of them, marveling at just how wonderful mother-nature can be. It’s not just the way they look either, all three of these people are so graceful, so strong, so… unlike Rodney. He cuts that thought off ruthlessly, he’s only going to get one chance at this, there’s no way he’s going to ruin it.

Rodney places his hand on the back of Ronon’s neck and pulls him in for a kiss. Forgoing the gentle teasing that he’d used on Teyla, he kisses Ronon with everything he’s got - it’s hungry, it’s demanding, it’s… melting Rodney’s brain a little. Ronon is kissing Rodney as though the world is about to end, and they are both desperately grabbing onto any part of each other they can reach. Rodney pulls Ronon down, moaning loudly when he feels Ronon’s very impressive erection pushing up against his hip.

Ronon suddenly moves his arm around Rodney’s back and maneuvers him so that they are lying on their sides, facing each other, and then Teyla takes up position behind Rodney, kissing his neck and shoulders, down his back as far as she can reach, her hand caressing along his side, meeting Ronon’s hand on each pass. Rodney has to stop kissing Ronon, partly because he needs air, but also because he really needs to get some control here, they seem determined to turn him into a quivering wreck, but he wants to give them something too, wants to make sure they don’t regret asking him to join them.

The plan he is having trouble forming is completely derailed when he sees Teyla place two fingers to Ronon’s lips, Ronon sucks them in messily, closing his eyes and moaning, as though Teyla’s fingers are the most wonderful thing he’s ever tasted. Rodney swallows hard and thinks about Wraith, and football, and every un-sexy thing he can possibly bring to mind, but then Teyla is removing her fingers, and she places her hand gently on Rodney’s lower back, slowly moving down… Rodney only has a second to wonder if she can possibly be about to do what he thinks she’s about to do before she’s actually doing it… she slides one finger into him and there’s no way he’d be able to stop the cry that she drags out of him, she unerringly hits his prostate at the first attempt and he arches his back against her. Ronon is kissing his face, his hands caressing every part of Rodney he can reach, and there’s no way he’s going to last, no way he’s going to be able to do anything but lie there and take it.

John. How could Rodney have forgotten about him? He must be lying pressed up against Teyla’s back, because he’s suddenly rubbing his hand along Rodney’s thigh, holding him in place. The small part of Rodney’s brain that is still working gives up entirely when John moves his hand to join Teyla’s, and when he slides a finger into Rodney, alongside Teyla’s Rodney thinks he may never recover from this. They’re everywhere, Ronon in front of him, kissing his way down Rodney’s chest, Teyla and John behind him, stretching him, caressing him from the inside, sending shockwaves through him with every thrust, and Rodney is sure there are now three fingers inside him, but he has no idea whose.

Ronon has made his way down Rodney’s chest and is now kissing his hip, his hand goes to Rodney’s thigh and lifts his leg a little, giving Teyla and John better access, but also giving Ronon room to take Rodney into his mouth, no preamble, simply swallowing Rodney down without warning. Jesus Christ, are they trying to kill him? The sounds Rodney is making now are barely even human, he’d be embarrassed, but he’d need his brain for that.

When Rodney comes it’s actually a little surprising, he’d almost forgotten he was capable of that. Ronon doesn’t release him though, he continues sucking Rodney until it’s almost painful, and then he gently licks him clean. Teyla and John slowly remove their fingers and Rodney whines slightly at the loss. If he were capable of speech, or movement, or rational thought, he’d probably complain. 


Rodney allows himself a few moments to recover, but he’s determined to be in control of whatever comes next. It’s been a very long time since he was last with a man, so he decides to go for the slightly less scary option - he’s relatively confident he can make Teyla feel good. She’s still lying behind him, so he turns himself around and places his hand on her cheek, kissing her deeply, once she’s moaning into his mouth he gentles the kiss and moves his hand, caressing her softly, placing kisses against her throat as his hand moves to her stomach. He kisses and licks his way down to her breast, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking as hard as he dares, Teyla’s hand comes to the back of his head and pushes him down against her, so he sucks harder, his hand gripping her thigh so hard it must be painful.

He stops sucking and moves his tongue lightly across the reddened nipple, reveling in the soft moaning sounds she’s making. Rodney moves his hand to her inner thigh, caressing again, but harder this time, he’s really trying to be patient, but she’s not making it easy for him. Finally he gives up and pushes two fingers into her, amazed at how hot and wet she already is. He braces himself with his other hand and kisses his way down, teasing her by keeping his touch as light as possible, while his fingers are pressed against her inner walls, not moving. He has to resist smirking when she begins to cry out, this is another thing he was always good at.

Rodney settles himself on his knees and elbows, between Teyla’s legs, and pulls them up over his shoulders, it’s not the most comfortable position for him, but it will make this better for Teyla, so it’s worth it. His right hand is no longer needed to hold him up so he decides to gamble - not all women like this… he’s hoping Teyla will. He starts moving his left hand, pushing his fingers in and out of her, curling them every time he’s in as far as he can go, once he’s sure she’s loose enough he adds the middle finger from his right hand, and then, once the finger is slick enough, he removes it and moves his hand back, pressing between her cheeks. He slides in very carefully, no further than the first knuckle, and keeps his finger still, waiting for a sign that she objects to this. He starts kissing her thigh, sucking on the skin between thigh and hip, and if she objects to having his finger in her ass, she doesn’t say so.

Teyla bucks slightly at the first touch of his tongue, he licks and sucks her firmly, and then softly, barely touching her, his tongue slow and sure one minute, and then quick and light the next. All the while he’s moving inside her, three fingers of his left hand in her fully now, fucking her as hard as he can with nothing but fingers. The finger he has in her ass goes no further than the first knuckle, but he’s moving it now, back and forth, stretching and caressing her with quick movements, in time with his other hand and his tongue.

She’s bucking and writhing so hard against him now, he’s not sure he can hold on, but he’s determined not to disappoint her so he doesn’t stop, his movements getting more and more frantic. She’s moaning almost non-stop now, and she’s saying something that sounds like his name, over and over. Without warning she comes hard, arching her back off the bed and squeezing her thighs around him. Just as suddenly, she drops down onto the bed, spent. Rodney spends a moment kissing her tenderly, her thighs, her stomach, moving up until he reaches her breast. He kneels up and looks down at her face, and his heart almost stops. She’s beautiful every moment of every day, but this is different somehow. Her eyes are closed and there’s a beatific smile on her face and she looks… some poet could probably express it better, but Rodney just thinks she’s the most perfect thing he’s ever seen. 


Rodney’s memory seems to be doing strange things to him tonight, he’s forgotten all about John and Ronon, who are currently sitting on either side of Teyla, staring at Rodney in what he can only describe as wonder. John recovers first and grabs Rodney by the back of his head, almost knocking him over, Rodney forgives him when he starts to kiss Rodney with so much passion that he feels a little overwhelmed. John is moaning now and Rodney realizes he must be able to taste Teyla on Rodney, and that thought has Rodney moaning too, he barely even notices that he’s being moved around on the bed.

He ends up lying on his side facing John, who has climbed over Teyla (who seems to have passed out). Ronon is on his side pressed up against Rodney’s back, and Rodney would point out that he’s not capable of anything more right now except that’s when he notices that he’s hard again, very hard. As are both Ronon and John – unsurprisingly, since neither of them have had a chance to come yet. Ronon is rubbing up against Rodney’s back, and Rodney would like to tell him to go ahead, to fuck him, but he can only manage a few words.

"Please… just… please… yes."

Luckily, Ronon seems to know what Rodney wants, he’s pressing slick fingers into Rodney, leaving him to wonder stupidly when Ronon had a chance to get lube. Rodney is still loose from John and Teyla’s fingers earlier (was that today?), but Ronon still takes his time, making sure that Rodney is as loose as possible, a kindness Rodney is grateful for when Ronon starts to push inside. Ronon must surely have the largest cock ever. Rodney is so relaxed by this point that he takes Ronon in pretty easily, but he’s never felt so full in his life.

John is moving his hands all over Rodney, kissing him the way Ronon was earlier, everywhere. Ronon starts to move, slowly, gently… too gently, Rodney really wants to tell the man to just fuck him already, but between Ronon’s slow movements inside him, and John’s hands touching him as though he were the most precious thing in the world, Rodney feels so utterly loved that he has to bite his lip to keep from saying something stupid. Eventually Ronon starts to really thrust hard and Rodney stops thinking altogether, John is holding him and whispering something, but Rodney can’t hear, can’t understand anything, isn’t even really aware of anything, other than Ronon’s cock in his ass and John’s hands and mouth all over him.

John moves his hand down to envelope both his own cock and Rodney’s and starts to move quickly, the heat and pressure enough to convince Rodney that he’s going to die, but he’ll die happier than he’s ever been in his life.

His orgasm is almost an anti-climax, he comes for what seems like forever, clenching around Ronon so hard that he comes suddenly too, with a guttural yell that Rodney’s cock seems to like quite a lot, if the twitching is anything to go by. Rodney holds onto John’s head and kisses him hard, moaning into his mouth, panting every time he stops for breath, John follows Rodney and Ronon to orgasm almost silently, but, when he’s done, he looks into Rodney’s eyes and Rodney sees something there that he can’t identify, but whatever it is, it looks very, very good on John. 


John wakes slowly, he starts to stretch, but when his hand brushes against an arm that isn’t his, he stops. Jesus, that was amazing, even more amazing than John had dared to think it would be. He opens his eyes and sees Rodney lying beside him, dead to the world. For a man who only ever does any exercise when his life (literally) depends on it, Rodney has a hell of a lot of stamina. But the events of this evening seem to have caught up with him, he’s snoring softly, and John can’t help but find that a little adorable.

John is lying on his side on the bed so he turns his head slightly to see Teyla behind him, Ronon behind her – he’s not really sure when Ronon moved but he looks just as out of it as Rodney. Huh, it seems their alien friend can’t take the pace, John stifles a giggle at the thought. And when did he start giggling like a little girl?

John has turned back to face Rodney, so when Teyla’s hand moves to John’s arm, he almost has a heart attack – he’d thought she was asleep too. He turns his head one more time, giving her a soft smile, he can’t think of anything to say, and even if he could, he doesn’t want to wake Rodney or Ronon up. She returns his smile, although on her it looks like more of a smirk – if she says anything resembling ‘I told you so’ John may have to find his gun.

When she speaks, it’s in a muted whisper.

"Do you think he enjoyed himself?" The grin that follows that question makes it clear that she knows the answer. John can’t help but return her grin – Rodney had sure as hell enjoyed himself!

"Did you? You looked like you were having a pretty good time." John says, teasingly. Teyla is always pretty vocal, but tonight was something else. She’s grinning again.

"He… he’s…" she sighs the sigh of the truly content, the truly satisfied. "He’s amazing isn’t he? I’ve never felt anything like that." The look she gives him now is a little disturbing, it’s somewhere between ‘knowing’ and ‘evil’. "No wonder you like it so much."

Huh, well, if she’s accusing him of holding out on her, he has news for her. Still trying to keep his voice as quiet as possible, he tries to explain.

"To be honest, I never knew women were into that kind of thing. Didn’t think you had the right… parts." Oh god. Why did he start this? If he has to explain prostate glands to her now he’s definitely going to have to go find his gun.

Apparently she doesn’t really need an explanation though, and now she’s the one who’s giggling.

"Maybe Rodney could teach you a few things?" OK, now the look is definitely evil. John can’t hold his grin back though, tonight really was amazing, and he can’t help but hope that there’ll be more. He has never felt so… content, at peace, so… happy. He smiles at Teyla again. "We really make a great team don’t we?"

This time Teyla’s smile has nothing but happiness behind it. "Yes, John. We do."

They settle down to go to sleep, John on his back with Teyla’s hand on his stomach, Ronon still wrapped around her back. John considers pulling Rodney to him, but he really isn’t sure if Rodney will freak out when he wakes up, and he doesn’t want to precipitate that by being too clingy. John falls asleep smiling, holding on to the hope that Rodney won’t regret their night together. 


When Rodney wakes up he feels cold. He opens his eyes and quickly realizes why – John’s blanket is no-where near large enough for all four of them, now that he thinks about it, Rodney is a bit surprised the bed is big enough for all of them. Rodney spares a look at his bedmates, and his heart misses a beat, his breath catches in his chest… the three of them are cuddled together, not one of them is touching Rodney.

Well, this was unavoidable, he supposes. He is the interloper here after all - he’s intruding into their relationship. Quiet tears fall from his eyes and he wipes them away angrily. He knew this going in, he has no right to be upset by this - he knew it was just one night. And just because it was the most amazing night of Rodney’s life, doesn’t mean he has any right to more.

He gets up as quietly as he can, cursing silently to himself. He needs to find his clothes and leave quickly, before one of them wakes up and asks him why he’s still here. Of course, he has no idea where most of his clothes are. He finds his pants and boxers by the bed and, after much searching, locates his shirt, but his socks are no-where to be seen. After another quick search he decides that socks are easily replaceable, he needs to get out of here, now.

Rodney races along the corridor to his own room, praying he won’t run in to anyone, he’s not sure he can deal with people right now. Once in his room he goes to the bathroom and stands dejected in front of the mirror. He stares at his own face and lets out a sigh, he’s always thought he was a pretty handsome guy, in an off-beat sort of way, and he doesn’t really think that any of his team-mates are overly concerned with looks anyway - they would all be more interested in what’s underneath.

He smiles sadly at his reflection now, why had he thought this would end any differently? Rod had taught him something, and even the events surrounding his almost-ascension didn’t really change things as much as he’d hoped. He’s just not an easy guy to like. He’s grateful to his team for even trying, and he knows they do try, he knows they care about him, but really – what can he give them that they don’t already have with each other?

Rodney goes to his bed an lies down, resolving to do everything he can to make sure the events of tonight doesn’t ruin the best relationship he has, his relationship with his team. 


When John wakes in the morning he panics a little – where’s Rodney? He listens carefully, hoping Rodney is just in the bathroom, but there’s no sound coming from in there… he left? A small part of John doesn’t want to admit that Rodney really would have freaked out when he woke up, even though John had prepared himself for that. It doesn’t make sense, Rodney’s a pretty good actor when he wants to be, but he surely couldn’t have been faking how much he was into everything they’d done last night? John really felt as though Rodney was with them, that it wasn’t just sex, that there was more to it. When John had looked into Rodney’s eyes after he’d come, he’d been sure he saw something there, maybe not love exactly, but something.

Ronon and Teyla are still asleep and John is loath to wake them up, they went to sleep so happy, and he doesn’t want to be the one to destroy that. He dresses quietly; maybe he should go and find Rodney? Speak to him, ask him what he wants? It’s not something John is very good at, and he usually avoids that sort of conversation at all costs, but Rodney means too much to him to simply give up.

Rodney isn’t in his room when John gets there, so John heads for the lab, hoping to hell there’s no-one else there this early. When he gets to the lab he sends up a silent prayer of thanks – Rodney is alone, sitting hunched over at his desk, staring at his computer screen. He looks so dejected that John feels confused again, what had happened when Rodney woke up?

"Rodney?" John had thought Rodney knew he was there but, judging by the look on his face, he’s surprised to see John.

"Good morning, Colonel. Can I help you with something?" John’s hands are sweating and his heart is thumping in his chest – what if he makes things worse? Deciding that things can’t really get worse, John goes for broke.

"You left without saying anything. I wanted to check… to ask… is everything OK?" He’s moved closer to Rodney, keeping his body-language as unthreatening as possible.

Rodney takes a deep breath before answering. "Of course, why wouldn’t it be?" He hesitates before continuing. "Thank you. For… you know. Just… thank you."

John can’t take much more of that tone in Rodney’s voice, he sounds so… broken.

John moves closer again, but Rodney stands up and walks away from him, and this time when he speaks he doesn’t even look at John.

"You don’t need to worry, Colonel. I won’t let last night affect our working relationship, and you don’t need to explain, it’s OK. I understand." Rodney isn’t really making any sense, John still doesn’t know what the problem is – does Rodney regret what happened?

"Rodney, explain what? What do you understand?" Rodney looks at John again, and this time he seems confused, well, join the club. Rodney starts speaking at the same time as he starts walking towards the door.

"I won’t get in the way, of the three of you, what you have. I know last night was a one-off, and it’s OK. Really, it is. I get it." God, Rodney sounds so unhappy now that John can hardly bear it, and he thinks they don’t want him?

"Rodney, how can you… are you crazy? You think we don’t want…" but Rodney cuts John off before he can finish, his eyes downcast, his voice full of miserable acceptance.

"You don’t have to humor me, Colonel, I know what I am. I… thank you. Last night was amazing. Thank you." Before he’s even finished the last sentence Rodney is walking out of the lab, leaving John too stunned to follow for a moment. He recovers quickly and runs into the hall, but Rodney is nowhere to be seen.

Shaking his head at the absurdity of Rodney thinking he’s not wanted, John realizes he needs reinforcements.  


Rodney is walking towards his quarters when a hand grabs him and pulls him into the nearest room, which turns out to be John’s. Just as he’s about to protest at this mistreatment, he’s pushed up against the wall, hard. Then, once again before he can say a word, he’s being kissed to within an inch of his life. He allows himself to melt into it for a moment before pushing John (he thinks) away.

"What the hell?" Rodney asks. John is looking at him, and he’s smirking. What the fuck?

Grinning now, John speaks softly. "Rodney, for a genius you can sure be an idiot sometimes, you know that?" Rodney is indignant and gears himself up for a comeback, but John doesn’t give him the chance to speak, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on Rodney’s forehead, effectively shutting him up.

"I love you, you idiot. And, while I probably shouldn’t speak for the others, I can tell you, they love you too. We want you, we want you with us. Don’t you get that?" John seems so earnest that Rodney finds it hard to doubt him, but surely… he doesn’t get a chance to finish that thought, John has stepped back and the door has opened. Ronon and Teyla walk in and Ronon closes the door, then grabs Rodney and shoves him up against it. Hard.

Rodney would really like to complain, but Ronon is kissing him just as possessively as John had, and since Ronon is so much taller, he’s actually holding Rodney up so that his feet are barely touching the ground.

The kiss ends suddenly, and Ronon smiles down at Rodney. "Love you." Ronon has never needed a lot of words to convey his feelings, and Rodney can’t help but smile a little at his simple declaration. Plus, he didn’t call Rodney an idiot, so he’s got Sheppard beat on that one.

Ronon moves back and Rodney takes a step forward, turning towards Teyla. She hasn’t said anything yet and Rodney finds himself a little nervous. Teyla, of course, grabs him and pushes him up against the door. He’s going to have to nip that kind of behavior in the bud, he’s got a bad back for God’s sake! Teyla’s kiss is nothing like John’s and Ronon’s were. She’s devouring him, and he’s absolutely positive he’s losing brain cells.

"You’re my family, Rodney. The three of you. I hope you know that?"

"Um… could you not refer to me as family after kissing me like that? You’re freaking me out. I usually don’t do that kind of thing with relatives." He smiles, hoping she understands how much her statement really meant to him.

"I don’t usually do this with relatives either." Before Rodney can ask her what ‘this’ is, she drags him to the bed and pushes him down. Rodney can hear John and Ronon laughing, but he can’t take his eyes off Teyla. She’s dragging his pants off him, and his last coherent thought before she swallows him down is ‘these guys are going to be the death of me’. 


John lies pressed up against Rodney’s back and wonders if anyone else in the galaxy can possibly feels as content as he does right now.

They are drifting off to sleep in what John imagines will become a favorite sleeping arrangement – Rodney and Teyla on their sides facing each other, John curled around Rodney’s back, Ronon around Teyla’s. Their hands are tangled together, John’s leg resting between Rodney’s.

John looks at his bedmates and knows that he’s home, that he’s loved – by these three. His friends, his lovers, his family.

His team.

The End

Now with sequel! Awakenings
Tags: rating:adult

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