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C Is For... by Sophonisba

-title- C Is For...
-author- Sophonisba (saphanibaal
-warnings/rating- Gen. AU. Suitable for general audiences.
-spoilers- "The Siege," "Runner"
-notes- This was supposed to be the last scene before the epilogue in a big AU action-type thing, but sadly it is currently STUCK. (/me kicks at story) Instead, here is AR-1 being a family with each other, with hints of why they feel called to be at this moment in particular.

C Is For...

After Beckett shooed them and the others out of the infirmary, AR-1 wandered in a vaguely gateroomwardsly direction, a new spring in their step.

"That, that was..." Rodney began.

"We were attended by good fortune," Teyla agreed.

"We are the champions," Ford amplified.

"We rocked," Sheppard pronounced. "Hey, where are we going?"

"I'm following Teyla," Ford said.

"I was walking in the direction that you were going."

"Our crates should still be in the gateroom," Rodney pointed out. "We need to get something out, come on."

"Besides," Teyla pointed out, "we promised to make contact with Sateda."

"I can't believe we brought the hostage-taking killer back with us," Ford grumbled as they got in the transporter.

"It was the least we could do after he got hurt and stunned unexpectedly playing bait," Sheppard said reasonably.

"I cannot believe, not only that a Runner is our guest, but that we brought everyone home."

"Oh, come on." Rodney threw up his hands. "It's Daniel Jackson. Did anyone seriously believe we wouldn't get him back eventually?"

Sheppard raised one of his hands to shoulder height. Teyla clapped one of her hands to the crown of her head, straight back from her hairline.

Ford shook his head sadly at them. "At least we got him back before General O'Neill arrives on the Daedalus."

"Sam and Teal'c and Jonas breathing down our necks was bad enough." Rodney bustled over to the pile of crates, hastily shoved out of the way of the Gate's wash. "And I still can't believe you ran off and left me in a trap."

"Ford was getting you down," Sheppard argued, "and Daniel was getting away."

Rodney snorted, pulling at a box within one of the crates. Teyla helped him lift it out.

"Ford deserves these. And Teyla. Teyla's nice to me. Now, I was the one who worked out how to rig up this little stasis chamber..."

"It was all my idea," Sheppard argued. "I was the one who went to see them."

Rodney opened the box and stepped back with a flourish. A warm, rich, sweetish smell filled the air as heat escaped.

"Are those...?" Ford reached in, took one out, and took a bite. "Grandma's chocolate chip cookies!"

"Cool enough to taste but not yet hard, the way you said you liked them." Sheppard beamed.

Ford crammed the rest of the cookie in his mouth, swallowed, and got another one. "Teyla gets the next one," he said, nibbling at his second cookie, "because she got stunned twice and held hostage."

"Gladly I accept the hero's portion," Teyla said formally, took a bite of her cookie, and let the flavors of choc'lat and oat-grain and vanilla-with-butter explode on her tongue.
Tags: rating:g

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