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Fic: Awakenings - OT4 - NC17

Title: Awakenings
Author: [info]rasah
Combo(s): John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla
Rating: NC17
Summary: Rodney arrives home to find a sleeping John...
Warnings: Mentions of felching
Disclaimer: If I owned these characters I’d drive a Bugatti not a Fiat

Authors Note: Sequel to Everybody Loves Rodney. Written from this prompt by the wonderful [info]berlinghoff79 and beta’d by the equally wonderful [info]kimberlyfdr. Any remaining mistakes are all mine.


Rodney walks swiftly towards his quarters and tries not to look as desperate as he feels. He’s been off-world for two full days and has missed his team more than even he would have thought possible. Stifling a smile, Rodney wonders whether his genius brain will ever be able to come up with a suitable way of describing the four of them. He sometimes refers to them as his lovers, but that doesn’t always seem like enough. There really isn’t another term he can think of that wouldn’t sound ridiculous, so he invariably just refers to them as his team. John and Ronon both laugh at him every time he does it; Teyla simply smiles at him lovingly and tells him he can call her whatever he wants. Things tend to get a little heated after that. 

In the months they’ve been together, they’ve grown so close he’s amazed the entire base doesn’t know what’s going on. Rodney, Ronon, and Teyla never sleep in their own quarters; they always sleep in John’s (since he has the big bed; the origin of which he still won’t explain). The amazing thing, the thing that surprises Rodney every time it happens, is that they don’t always have sex. Sometimes they just sleep together. Rodney’s never had that before; never had a lover who wanted him around without the sex part. But his team-mates do. Some nights they just hang out, and when they go to bed they simply cuddle up and go to sleep. It’s those nights Rodney cherishes; the sex is amazing, but that feeling of being loved and wanted will never, ever get old. 

Tonight won’t be one of those nights, though. While he’s sure the others haven’t been going without in his absence, he has. Sure, he’s gone without for longer than two days since the four of them have been together, but he’s always at least been with them. The last forty-eight hours have been like a slow torture for Rodney and if he doesn’t at the very least get to touch them very soon... well, he’s not sure what he’ll do, but it won’t be pretty. 

He’s finally reached John’s room and barely has the door open before he notices the smell. Goddamit; this must be the worst timing ever. He can smell the sex from the doorway; they must have literally just finished. Biting his tongue to stop the rant they don’t really deserve (he has come home a whole day early after all), Rodney steps into the room and allows the door to close behind him. Finally looking at the bed, Rodney goes from pleasantly hard, which he’s been ever since the jumper landed, to so hard he’s surprised he hasn’t ripped his BDUs.
John is fast asleep, lying half on his side and half on his front, with his back on display. The bed covers are nowhere to be seen and John’s skin is glistening with sweat and god-knows what else. Steeling himself for what he knows he’ll see, Rodney lowers his gaze to John’s beautiful ass. Yup. Definitely just been fucked. Rodney takes a deep breath in an effort to calm himself down. Of all the kinks he’s discovered since they started this thing, this is the one that surprised him the most; and it’s the one that never fails to get him so worked up he can barely contain himself. 

He’s never really stopped to analyze it, but the truth is, he loves sleepy-sex. Nothing turns him on more than waking one of his lovers with the kind of slow, sweet sex he only really manages to achieve when whoever he’s fucking is too tired to turn it into something more primal. Over the last few months, Rodney has resigned himself to the fact that he’s in love with three people who are absolutely no good at slow sex. Every last one of them can only hold out for a short time before they get all cave-man and demand he just fuck them harder. Rodney grins as he reminds himself he never complains while they’re actually doing it. But sometimes he likes to slow things down, to take his time, and his best opportunity for that is when they’re asleep. 

Also, there’s no denying, John is seriously fucking sexy when he’s all sleepy and pliable like this. 

As quietly as he can manage, Rodney strips off his clothes, leaving them in a messy pile on the floor. Ronon will tell him off for that later. Rodney smiles to himself. Ronon is the biggest neat-freak Rodney has ever met; worse than John even. It often amuses Rodney that, of all of them, Teyla is the least tidy. Ronon once threatened to spank Rodney for leaving wet towels on the floor, although (much like most of their arguments) that threat had led to some of the most mind-blowing sex Rodney has ever had. 

Rodney belatedly realises he hasn’t seen or heard from the rest of his team yet. Focusing his hearing, he realizes there’s a shower running nearby. They must both be in there, cleaning up after the sex they had without Rodney (he’s not bitter, but he would prefer it is they didn’t do that). He quietly lowers himself onto the bed behind John, reaching out a hand to caress the beautiful expanse of skin before him. John is a pretty hairy guy, but his back is smooth and hairless and Rodney loves touching the skin there. John is still warm from his earlier activities and Rodney takes a moment to picture the scene. Ronon usually favors the ‘all fours’ position, so John would have been on his hands and knees, straining with the effort of keeping his position, probably with Teyla watching and telling Ronon what to do. Teyla loves directing the three of them, telling them what to do to each other and how. Rodney takes a deep breath, once again needing to calm himself down. It really is amazing the effect just thinking about them has on him. 

He slides his hand down John’s back to that perfect little ass. John hates it when Rodney calls it that, but seriously – the man has an almost non-existent ass. Of course, what he does have is delicious and perfect and sometimes (when he’s feeling overly romantic) Rodney wonders if maybe it was created just for him. Him and Ronon. Rodney moves one finger to John’s entrance to confirm what he already knew; Ronon’s come is still slowly leaking out of their lover’s ass and Rodney couldn’t possibly resist that. Maneuvering down the bed, he gently holds John open and licks; he stifles a groan as he tastes both of his lovers in one place. This is his favourite thing, he loves this. Whether he’s sucking Ronon’s come out of John, or John’s out of Teyla (he’s not fussy), the taste, along with the knowledge of what they’re sharing, is usually enough to get him hard in an instant. 

Not that he needs help right now; he’s been hard since he opened the door. And he doesn’t want John to wake up too soon, so he reluctantly moves back up the bed. Once he’s in position, he nudges John’s leg forward, opening him up a little more. He guides his cock into that perfect warm space, the one that was made just for him, and groans as he feels the wet heat, imagining Ronon doing this very thing not so long ago. Maybe Teyla was lying beneath him this time, John going down on her while Ronon pounded into him.
He really needs to stop picturing them like that. He wants this to be slow and easy, the kind of warm, loving sex they hardly ever have the time (or patience) for. He leans forward and places a soft kiss to John’s shoulder before pushing in. Once Rodney is all the way inside his lover, he begins to move as slowly as he’s capable. The arm he’s all but lying on is starting to go numb, so he fumbles around a bit until he can get it underneath John, who still hasn’t woken up. 

It is a mystery to Rodney how John can sleep through things like this (he’s slept almost the whole way through a blow-job on more than one occasion), but the barely-there sound of a safety being removed will have him awake in seconds. Rodney chuckles when he remembers the night he woke up to see Ronon, Teyla, and John all standing at the side of the bed staring at him with amazement and amusement on their faces – a sound outside the door had startled all three of them into jumping out of bed and grabbing their weapons (Rodney was mortified at having missed that. He feels sure there’s no way even they could have managed that maneuver gracefully). Once they were sure there was no actual danger, they had turned back to the bed and seen Rodney staring at them, having only just woken up. He would have been more impressed by their mocking expressions if they hadn’t all been butt-naked. 

Moving his hand around to grip John’s rapidly hardening cock, Rodney takes a deep breath and gets into a perfect rhythm, jerking John with measured strokes while moving ever closer to a slow, easy climax. His goal is the same as always; to make John come before he wakes up. He’s gotten very close before, but John usually wakes up just those few second before Rodney wants him to. 

John moves slightly and Rodney tenses every muscle in his body straining to hold still and not wake him any further. John lets out a muffled sigh and arches his back, stretching like a cat before settling back into his previous position. It’s all Rodney can do not to laugh; after all that John is still asleep. 

A muffled sound causes Rodney to turn around, and when he sees what’s going on behind him he somehow manages not to moan loud enough to wake John. At some point while he’s been focusing all his attention on John, the rest of his team have come into the room and ended up sitting in an over-sized chair in the corner (and where the hell did John get that?). Teyla is straddling Ronon, and Rodney can’t be sure from this angle, but it looks like they are actually fucking in that chair while watching Rodney fuck a still fast-asleep John. 

It’s at times like this Rodney wonders how these three haven’t given him a heart attack yet. He hadn’t heard them come in to the room, and he sure as hell hadn’t heard them get into that chair and start fucking. Rodney moves slowly inside John while looking over his shoulder at the show Ronon and Teyla are giving him and he’s amazed he’s still able to control himself. 

Ronon is sitting there with Teyla straddling him; she’s raising herself up and then all but dropping back down onto him; fucking herself on that gorgeous cock of his. She’s biting her lip to keep from crying out and she’s writhing around so much, Rodney is surprised Ronon is managing to keep hold of her. He does though, his big hands caressing her body until she loses patience and pulls his hand down between her legs. Rodney has to turn away; he can’t watch Teyla do that, not unless he wants to come right now. Watching Teyla bring herself off, or guide someone else’s hand to do it, always pushes him over the edge. 

Rodney speeds up his strokes, pounding into John and jerking him off faster and harder. He can feel himself losing control, and he’s kind of stunned John hasn’t woken up yet. A paranoid voice in the back of his head makes him wonder briefly if maybe John is actually unconscious. Surely Ronon and Teyla would have said something if that was the case? 

His paranoia is just that though. John’s breathing is erratic and he’s moaning softly in his sleep, which Rodney is positive he wouldn’t be doing if he were unconscious. Rodney can’t last much longer, but he’s determined for John to come first. He wants to feel the spasms, the tightening of his channel, clamping down on Rodney’s dick and squeezing the orgasm out of him. 

Without warning John’s eyes fly open and he comes. Rodney doesn’t have time to figure out which happened first because he’s too busy coming himself. John has thrown his head back and is making a strange sound that’s somewhere between a moan and a shout, and his hand has joined Rodney’s around his dick, holding Rodney in place and shuddering through his orgasm. 

Breathlessly, Rodney rests his head on John’s shoulder and tries to regain his senses. He’s almost successful, but then John looks back at him with sleepy eyes and mumbles. 

“Hey M’Kay, Miss’d you.” Before flopping his head back on the pillow and falling asleep again. 

Rodney stays awake just long enough to hear the shower starting up again (yup, Ronon Dex – Neat Freak of the Pegasus Galaxy). He wonders how the hell he managed to miss those two coming. They’re both so loud Rodney has no idea how the whole base hasn’t heard them by now. 

John turns in Rodney’s arms and fidgets for a minute before his breathing evens out once again and Rodney gives up trying to figure out if he’s awake or not. Sometime later he feels Teyla slip into the bed behind him, pressing up against his back and taking John’s hand in hers. Ronon must be behind her because soon enough Rodney feels the big man’s hand on his hip. After giving Rodney a condescending little pat (Rodney secretly loves it when he does that, but he will never admit to it) Ronon sighs loudly and apparently falls asleep within seconds.

Rodney thinks, not for the first time, that he must be the luckiest man in the galaxy. He has not one but three people to love, and who love him. He has a great job and a great life, but most of all... 

He has the best team. Ever. 

The End

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