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Fic: Not so Silent Witness - OT4 - NC17 - by rasah

Title: Not So Silent Witness
Author: rasah
Rating: NC17
Pairing: OT4 (That’s John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla ;D)
Word Count: 1,600
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Mentions of felching...
Disclaimer: If I owned these characters I’d drive a Bugatti not a Fiat.

Summary: Ronon and Teyla watch Rodney making love to a sleeping John...

Authors Note: Companion piece to ‘Awakenings’ – from Ronon’s POV. This wouldn’t exist without the invaluable advice of kimberlyfdr or the original idea by berlinghoff79. Beta’d (and much improved) by the awesome (and lovely) neevebrody


Ronon stands behind Teyla, his hand absently stroking her arm. They stand naked in the doorway between the bathroom and the bedroom; their eyes transfixed by the pair on the bed. Rodney is pressed up against John’s back and, although Ronon can’t actually see it, he’s pretty sure Rodney has at least one finger inside their lover. He smiles and tightens his grip on Teyla’s arm. Ronon knows Rodney loves feeling his come inside John. He also knows Rodney loves to feel how stretched John is after Ronon has fucked him. The only thing Rodney enjoys more than feeling it is... Ronon cuts off that thought as Rodney moves down the bed, clearly intending to do exactly what Ronon was thinking.

Ronon shudders, his free hand going quickly to his cock, pressing down firmly; watching Rodney do this always makes him hard. When John is awake for it, he usually moans and thrashes around so much it’s a miracle they don’t all fall off the bed. And when Rodney licks John or Ronon’s come out of Teyla, she makes a lot of noise too. It’s obvious to Ronon how much they both love it and he wishes he could bring himself to let Rodney fuck him. He’s gotten as far as allowing Rodney to use his tongue (John calls it rimming, but Ronon finds the term kind of stupid) and he enjoyed it, a lot actually, but he isn’t ready for anything more. He’d been with men before John and Rodney, but only as what Rodney calls the ‘top’. In fact, before John and Rodney he’d never considered anything else.

John never tops, but Rodney loves it and Ronon wants nothing more than to be able to give him that; maybe one day he will. If he does, he wonders if John would want to suck Rodney’s come out of him. He shivers at the thought and once again tightens his grip on Teyla, pulling her to him and pushing his hardening cock against her beautiful body.

On the bed, Rodney stops what he’s doing and moves back to his former position, caressing John the whole time. Ronon sighs to himself; this is what Rodney really loves. Taking his time.

Ronon admits that he, Teyla, and John, never slow down enough for Rodney. They try, they really do, but none of them have enough patience. Ronon leans down and buries his face in Teyla’s shoulder to keep from laughing out loud. No one outside this room would ever believe Rodney capable of patience; but in this room, in that bed, Rodney is patient to the point of madness. Ronon looks at the broken railing at the head of the bed and remembers the time John tied his hands there and sat watching with Teyla, as Rodney spent about a thousand years sucking his cock. It might have been a little less than a thousand years, but to Ronon it felt like an eternity and, unsurprisingly, he’d ripped the rail from the wall and all but thrown Rodney onto his knees, fucking him as hard and fast as he could.

Rodney never complains about their lack of patience, but they all know he wishes they would slow down, so they try. Ronon smiles again. He doesn’t try very hard, because if he did, Rodney might give up his stealth attacks, and Ronon can’t deny the appeal of waking up with his cock as far down Rodney’s throat as it will go, moments away from an orgasm he never saw coming.

Not wanting to interrupt Rodney, Ronon pulls Teyla to the chair in the corner. It’s big enough to hold both of them (although Ronon has no idea where John found the thing), so they settle in to watch, and Ronon makes a mental note to tell Rodney (again) not to leave his clothes on the floor.

Teyla sits on Ronon’s lap, her back to him, but her eyes never waver from the bed. He slides his hand up to her breast and squeezes just enough to make her squirm, and she turns her head just enough to kiss him, her eyes still focused on the bed. Ronon chuckles as he kisses her, he knows she loves to look at him too, but right now it’s Rodney and his sleeping bed-partner who have her full attention; Teyla really loves to watch.

The kiss turns passionate quickly and Teyla moves her hand around to the back of his neck to pull him in closer. Soon they’re writhing in the chair, both of them looking to the bed frequently to watch Rodney. Teyla squirms on Ronon’s lap, rubbing against him, biting her lip in an attempt to keep quiet. Rodney has finally entered John and his hand disappears; Ronon can’t see, but he thinks Rodney must be jerking John off, and he has to bite his own lip now, because he can imagine the feel of Rodney’s cock moving inside him while his hand strokes him. One day he will let Rodney do that to him; maybe if he’s asleep he won’t be so nervous about it.

The slow build up of passion is more than either he or Teyla can stand. He brings his hands to her hips and, taking his cue, she lifts herself effortlessly, and Ronon pushes a hand between them to guide himself into her. She’s warm and wet; she always is when she’s been watching and just the thought makes Ronon buck up into her harder than he’d intended. They really were being as quiet as possible but Rodney has finally heard them. He turns and looks at them briefly, turning away just as Teyla grabs Ronon’s hand and brings it down between her legs.

Ronon no longer tries to suppress his moans. Teyla is guiding his hand in an effort to bring herself to completion and surely no man can be expected to withstand that coupled with the sight of Rodney fucking a still sleeping John. Ronon thrusts up into Teyla and fingers her so hard he’s surprised she doesn’t complain. She’s fucking herself on Ronon’s cock, still staring intently at the action on the bed. When Ronon rolls her clit between his fingers, she suddenly goes over the edge, arching her back in that painful-looking way she does. Ronon feels her clamp down around him; she’s coming hard and moaning Rodney’s name. At that exact moment he sees Rodney finally lose control and thrust hard into John and the combination is too much. Ronon comes so hard and so suddenly he almost passes out.

He effortlessly lifts Teyla and takes her into the bathroom. This time their shower is short, they both want to get back to bed; a bed that’s been missing a vital part for two nights now, but is finally full again.

Teyla takes up her customary position behind Rodney; her arm thrown over him, absently caressing his chest before taking John’s hand in hers. Ronon settles in behind her with his hand resting lazily on Rodney’s hip. He pats his lover gently and if Rodney weren’t so worn out he’d probably complain; but Ronon knows he doesn’t really mind the show of possessiveness. Sleep claims all of them quickly, just like always.


The room is almost completely dark when Ronon wakes again. He has no idea how much time has passed but Rodney has turned around and is staring at Teyla. Keeping his voice as soft as possible, Ronon speaks.

“What’s up?” Stifling a grin at the look of shock on Rodney’s face, Ronon puts on his best ‘serious look’.

“I hope you three know how to do CPR, because otherwise you’re going to be the death of me, you know that don’t you?” Rodney doesn’t really sound angry, so Ronon ignores him.

“And nothing’s ‘up’. I just couldn’t sleep. Long day.” Rodney sighs heavily and Ronon wonders if it’s worth pushing him for the truth. He thinks maybe he should wake Teyla; she’s better at this sort of thing than him. It turns out he doesn’t need any help, though.

“I guess I’m just… I don’t know” Rodney whispers, absently stroking Teyla’s shoulder, “sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what the hell I ever did to deserve this, you know?” Rodney hardly ever talks about this; about how the four of them got together, and how surprised he was they all wanted him.

They know he worries about it. They know a part of him has trouble accepting that they really do want him. Ronon chuckles and brings his hand to Rodney’s face.

“McKay. You’re an idiot. We wanted you for ages; all of us. We’ve told you that.” He smiles gently before continuing. “You think too much.” Rodney snorts at Ronon’s words, but he turns his head and places a soft kiss to Ronon’s palm.

He’ll never really know what finally made him say it; what made him able to take that final step. He’s still wary, maybe even scared, and his voice is barely a whisper when he says it; but he does say it.

“Rodney, I want you to fuck me tomorrow. Will you do that?”

Rodney swallows audibly and gives Ronon a look that gets him rock hard for the third time that night. He’ll take that as a yes.

The smile they share before sleep reclaims them is full of promise, and surprise, and a million other things. But mostly; it’s full of love.

The End

On to the final part of the series - Tomorrow

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