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Thursday's Child

Title: Tomorrow
Author: rasah
Rating: NC17
Pairing: OT4 (That’s John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla ;D)
Word Count: 3,600
Spoilers: None
Warnings: There be angst and sex and whatnot here...
Disclaimer: If I owned these characters I’d drive a Bugatti not a Fiat.

Summary: Ronon gets what he asked for...

Authors Note: Fourth in my Foursome Series (do you see what I did there? ;D). Previous parts can be found starting here. Beta'd by the lovely, and very speedy, neevebrody - thanks hun!

Ronon crashes to the floor for the third time and he knows there’s no way John will keep silent any longer.

“Jesus, Ronon. What’s wrong with you today?” John’s voice is mocking, but the look on his face is one of concern. Ronon almost never allows John to knock him down when they’re sparing, three times is unheard of.

“Nothing. Just... nothing. Keep going.” He knows his voice is giving him away, John looks at him with one eyebrow raised and Ronon realises he’s not getting out of this one. He’s just going to have to say it.

“I... last night, I....” Ronon looks John in the eye and takes a deep, calming, breath before trying again. “Last night I asked Rodney to fuck me.”

The expression on John’s face is hard to read; but Ronon is sure he knows what’s coming next. He’s right. It’s not the laughter itself that bothers Ronon so much as the volume. He should have known better than to tell John about this.

“Look, if you’re not gonna be serious...” Ronon’s trying to sound angry, but John’s laughter is contagious.

Wiping his eyes, John reaches a hand out to touch Ronon’s arm.

“I’m sorry, buddy. It’s just... well... what the hell? You asked him last night, and you haven’t done it yet? Jesus. You must’ve been walking around with a hard on all day!” Ronon would  like nothing better than to wipe the smirk off John’s face; but the man’s right.

Ronon’s been on edge since he woke up this morning. Some strange combination of fear and excitement. He wants Rodney, that much is certain, but he’s never allowed a man to take him before and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. The uncertainty mixed with desire has been driving him insane all fucking day. If Rodney’s not back from the mainland soon, Ronon just might have to kill someone.

John is still grinning like an idiot. Ronon decides to give up, thinking maybe he’ll get John to help take the edge off.

“Hey, why don’t we...” Ronon starts, but John quickly interrupts him, shaking his head and laughing.

“No way. I’m not gonna ruin it for you. You’re going to want a nice long build up.” OK, that grin needs to disappear soon or Ronon will have to wipe it off.

But, before Ronon can say anything, Teyla appears in the doorway.

“What’s so funny?” She asks with a smile.

John immediately goes bounding over to her. He may be the oldest of them, but John acts like a child a lot of the time.

He informs Teyla of Ronon and Rodney’s plan for the evening, her eyes widening with every word. After barely a second’s silence, she turns to Ronon, her face deadly serious.

“Well, perhaps we should make sure you have a nice hearty meal first?” To their credit, John and Teyla hold out for a good five seconds before both start to laugh.


Rodney still hasn’t gotten back from the mainland by the time they go off duty, so Ronon, John, and Teyla walk to John’s quarters together. The mood isn’t as light hearted as it was before and Ronon knows it’s because they’ve picked up on his nervousness.

As soon as they’re through the door, John throws himself onto the bed, and Teyla sits gracefully next to him. For once in his life, Ronon feels clumsy. He can’t figure out where to sit, or what to do, so he simply stands in the middle of the room. His turmoil must be obvious, because John immediately reaches a hand out to him.

“Come here. And stop looking so freaked out.” He’s smiling, and his voice is kind, but Ronon knows that underneath it all John is worried about him.

They’ve talked about this before, the four of them. About trying new things, ‘pushing through boundaries’ as Rodney calls it (John usually laughs when Rodney says that), they’ve done things together than none of them have ever tried before, and Ronon wishes he could be as casual and calm about this as he’s been about everything else. But he can’t. He asked Rodney to do something he’s never asked anyone else to do, never allowed anyone else to do. It’s not the idea of the physical pain that’s bothering him, he’s no stranger to that, and he can’t imagine this being any more painful than having his back cut open. But there’s something about allowing a man to do that to him that scares the hell out of him.

John rubs a slow circle on Ronon’s back, while Teyla sits silently, her eyes locking with Ronon’s. They’re obviously waiting for him to say something, but he doesn’t know what. They’ve both done this already; Teyla surprised the hell out of Rodney when she’d asked for it. Ronon’s never taken Teyla that way, but she seemed to enjoy it when Rodney did. A shiver runs up Ronon’s spine. He remembers watching as John sucked Rodney’s come from her ass. The flicker of arousal that’s been in the back of his mind all day suddenly flares white hot

He arches into John’s hand and decides he doesn’t need to explain anything. They know he’s nervous; they know he’s turned on; they know how much he wants and fears this all at the same time. And they know Rodney will kill them if they allow Ronon to come before he gets home. Still, there’s no harm in trying, and it might take his mind off the wait.

Snaking one hand into Teyla’s hair and gripping her arm with the other, he pulls her onto his lap and kisses her, their mouths moving against each other with the same urgency he feels in his groin. He hears John beside him, his breath speeding up as he watches his lovers. Teyla wraps her legs around Ronon, pressing up against his cock, but it only serves to send another shudder up his spine, nowhere near enough to bring him off.

John’s hand slides up Teyla’s leg and he whispers something to her. She breaks away from kissing Ronon and turns her head to John, moaning into his mouth and writhing against Ronon’s body, graceful as always. Ronon stares at them for a moment, thinking how much Rodney would love it if he could see it. Thinking about Rodney sends another jolt straight to Ronon’s cock. Rodney will be home soon, and Ronon wonders if he’ll be tired; if he’ll be too tired. Ronon suddenly feels sick at the idea that Rodney might not want to fuck him after all, He leans back on the bed and groans.

John and Teyla stop kissing and turn to him with apologetic looks.

“Sorry, buddy; got carried away.” John’s smile is as beautiful and mischievous as ever, and Ronon can’t help but lean forward and kiss him; barely brushing their lips together before moving back.

“It’s not that. It’s just... if Rodney doesn’t get here soon I’m gonna go to the mainland and drag him back.” The three of them share a grin at the thought and Teyla chooses that moment to move her hips just enough to make Ronon throw his head back and pray to every ancestor he can think of that their fourth will hurry the hell up and get home.

Just then, the door opens and a harassed-looking Rodney comes shuffling into the room, muttering something about moronic underlings. Ronon lifts Teyla off his lap and is across the room so quickly Rodney barely has time to register his presence before Ronon has him up against the wall, kissing him so hard he knows Rodney probably can’t breathe. Not caring for once, Ronon moans loudly and pushes his whole body against Rodney, trying to eliminate every bit of space between them. He hates that there’s any space between himself and any of these three; hates that they can’t be one all the time, hates that they ever have to be apart, that there was ever a time they were apart.

He feels hands pulling him away from Rodney, and he hears voices talking to him, telling him to calm down. Rodney looks at him with something like confusion and fear, and Ronon wishes he could take that look away from Rodney forever. He wishes he could take away everything Rodney’s ever been afraid of. Taking a deep breath, Ronon gently touches Rodney’s cheek.

“Sorry. I just...” He can’t say it. He can’t tell Rodney how much he needs him. He can’t tell any of them; although he suspects they know.

For months now, Ronon has been fighting this. He needs these three more than he’s ever needed anyone. More than he’s ever allowed himself to need anyone; even before the Wraith took his home and his life away from him. He needs Rodney now, needs to feel him inside, needs to give himself up, to take that final step and allow someone else to have control; allow someone else to take care of him.

Swallowing hard, Ronon takes Rodney’s hand and pulls him to the bed; John and Teyla follow. They must have both pulled him away from Rodney before, because they both have a hand on him; whatever effect they’d hoped for, what they’re actually doing is grounding him. Keeping him from running. He shakes his head at the thought. A part of him still wants to run; still wants to escape, he’s good at escaping.

Standing by the side of the bed, Ronon looks down at Rodney. He looks into his eyes and a memory floods his mind, washing over him and warming him so much he almost laughs out loud at how such a simple thing is affecting him.

He remembers Rodney, looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes, removing the arms that had wrapped around him, his voice breaking slightly as he tells Ronon he’s healed his scars.

John has explained epiphanies to Ronon, about how sometimes a thing will just hit you all at once, and something that made no sense will suddenly be as clear as day.

This time Ronon does laugh. This is Rodney. He loves Rodney, knows him, wants him. But most of all; he trusts him. And suddenly he realises there’s nothing to be afraid of. Because, of all the people in the galaxy, Rodney is the one person Ronon knows can put him back together.

Ronon undresses in a kind of haze, vaguely aware of the others doing the same. The pleasant buzz inside him is morphing into something powerful and urgent again, so Ronon bites his lip and breathes slowly, the way Teyla taught him, trying desperately to stay calm. His mind has finally stopped racing, he’s not going to run, and now all he wants is for Rodney to fuck him. He's waited all day; every nerve in his body vibrates with wanting it.  He's ready.  But he knows that's not what Rodney has in mind, and that thought thrills him almost as much as imagining Rodney buried inside him.  The shudder, when it comes, physically shakes him.

Rodney silently directs Ronon to lie on his back in the middle of the bed. John and Teyla lie on either side of him, their hands alternately caressing each other and Ronon. The sound that comes from his throat is deep and vibrates through him; he’s not sure how much of this slow burn he can take, and Rodney seems to know that. Without hesitation he takes Ronon’s rock-hard cock into his mouth and licks around the head, just the way Ronon loves. Teyla is speaking quietly, urging Rodney on, telling him to take more, to suck harder, and it’s all he can do not to grab Rodney’s head and force him to take more.

But tonight isn’t about getting off quickly. As much as it’s killing him, Ronon knows he’s going to have to take this slow. He’s never had more than the tip of a tongue inside him, so he knows Rodney is going to spend a lot of time preparing him. Shivering again, Ronon lifts his hips, trying to get Rodney to take more of him, trying to get John and Teyla to do something. But the three of them just carry on with their torture.

Rodney holds Ronon’s legs apart, his hands hot on Ronon’s skin. Teyla tongues his ear, telling him how perfect he is, how beautiful he looks stretched out for them. John pinches one of Ronon’s nipples, hard enough to hurt, while he sucks and licks at the other, and the contrast makes Ronon’s head spin. His senses are being overloaded, he feels as though they’re touching him everywhere, as though there isn’t a single part of his body that doesn’t belong to them; and there’s not, not anymore. He groans loudly at that thought. He takes hold of the broken bed rail and arches his back, opening his legs in invitation, wondering if Rodney will wait until he actually asks, or if he’ll just take.

His answer comes almost immediately. Rodney shifts on the bed and Ronon knows what he’s going to do, but it’s somehow still a surprise when he feels a warm, wet tongue licking across his hole. Ronon looks down to see Rodney staring back at him with wonder and heat in his eyes. Rodney, who is usually too patient, suddenly pushes his tongue into Ronon, as far as it will go. Ronon almost flies off the bed, and if John and Teyla weren’t holding him down, he probably would.

Rodney is fucking Ronon with his tongue. There’s no other way to describe it. Ronon’s skin feels as though it’s on fire, the blood pounding in his ears. Every nerve in his body is awake and screaming at him, demanding more. Now. When Rodney moves away Ronon glares at him angrily.

“You can growl at me all you like, we’re doing this my way.” Rodney sounds so serious, Ronon almost laughs at him. And he’d argue the accusation of growling, but he’s not so sure he didn’t.

“You like that don’t you? Just wait, it’s about to get a hell of a lot better.” John’s lips brush against Ronon’s ear as he speaks, his voice low and husky with need.

It occurs to Ronon that Teyla and John can’t be getting much out of this, but then he looks at Teyla and knows he’s wrong. Her face is flushed and her eyes are shining. Ronon looks at John and sees the same thing; they love this, watching Rodney take Ronon apart and put him back together. Stretching again, Ronon lets out a long, heavy sigh. He has the best team, ever.

Rodney is kneeling between Ronon’s legs, and Ronon can see the lube on the bed beside him. Looking Rodney directly in the eye, Ronon speaks for the first time since they made it to the bed.


John moans beside him, and Rodney lets out a harsh breath before leaning forward to kiss Ronon so softly, so gently, it almost breaks him in two.

A strange pressure at his asshole makes him grunt and pull his head back enough to look at Rodney. It’s not an unpleasant feeling, but it’s weird and Ronon is hoping that’s Rodney’s cock and not his finger; because if that’s just a finger...

His gaze locked with Ronon’s, Rodney slides his finger in (and, dammit, that is just a finger), Ronon panics momentarily, wondering how the fuck Rodney’s whole fucking cock is supposed to fit in there, but Teyla presses her lips to his ear and talks him down.

“Shhh... it is all right; you will get used to it. Just give it a minute. Just feel it. Feel him inside you, touching you, filling you.” Her voice is deep and rich, and her breath is hot in his ear.

Ronon makes a sound that is not a growl, and pushes down, suddenly needing more of Rodney inside him, suddenly desperate to be filled. Rodney smiles and adds another finger and Ronon is thrusting down hard now, fucking himself on Rodney’s hand. This can’t last; this surely can’t last. Surely even Rodney has no patience left.

Hands push at Ronon and he’s about to protest when he realises someone is talking to him. Barely able to concentrate, Ronon can just make out John’s words.

“Turn over; come on. Turn over, it’ll be easier.” Ronon struggles to turn over, complaining loudly when Rodney removes his fingers.

Hands are soothing him, caressing him, and he’s sure he’ll die if he doesn’t come soon.

Slowly, so slowly Ronon is sure he’ll break apart, Rodney pushes in. His cock feels huge, but he’s stretched Ronon so well it only burns for a moment. And then he’s all the way in. Rodney’s cock is so deep inside Ronon he can almost taste it; and this is it. This is what it feels like to truly give himself over to another person. Choking off a sob that has no place here, Ronon pushes back, forcing Rodney deeper still, panting and begging Rodney to take him, to fuck him hard.

John grabs a handful of Ronon’s hair and pulls his head up, leaning in to kiss him, their tongues fighting for dominance as they both allow the desperate need they’re feeling to flow between them. Ronon tears himself away and looks over his shoulder to see Teyla and Rodney kissing with the same passion. He drops his head to the pillow, and lets out a muffled cry of frustration pushing back so hard he lifts Rodney off the bed.

Rodney finally gets the message and leans over Ronon, and then does what Ronon has been desperate for all night; all day - he fucks him hard and fast; with so much force Ronon has to brace his hands on the wall to stop his head from hitting it. A familiar feeling grips Ronon, and his senses all suddenly focus on that one part of him, the part of him that no one has ever touched before.

Shouting out Rodney’s name, Ronon comes at last, and the stars that briefly appear behind his eyes are quickly eclipsed by darkness.


When he comes to, it’s obvious he wasn’t out for long. Rodney is still inside him and there’s something else... He’d missed Rodney coming. Resisting the urge to sulk about that, Ronon tries to lift himself up, but his arms aren’t working. Rodney has worn him out. He’ll never hear the end of this.

Rodney’s head rests lightly on Ronon’s shoulder, but he can’t stay there forever, and after a few moments he moves, pulling gently out of Ronon, groaning. Ronon smiles, he knows that feeling. He’s about to tell Rodney how great it was, how perfect, when his world turns upside down.

Something warm and wet and soft is pushing at his entrance, and with a start, Ronon realises what it is. His cock twitches and his head feels as though it will explode. He’d almost forgotten about this, about how Rodney loves to do this after fucking.

“God, that’s so fucking hot.” Ronon turns his head around sharply at the sound of Rodney’s voice, and sees him sitting up, staring down at whoever the fuck is licking the come out of Ronon’s ass.

He tries to twist enough to see, but he can’t. He thinks it must be John; surely Teyla wouldn’t want to do that? But he doesn’t know, and the feeling of that tongue dipping into him to suck out Rodney’s come, without him knowing who it is, is almost enough to get him hard again.

It’s over too soon, and Ronon feels three pairs of hands prodding at him before it occurs to him what they’re trying to do. Well, they can just fuck off. No way in hell is he moving.

“Go’way. M’tired. Not moving.” He can barely form words.

“Ronon. Move.” John stretches out the syllables in that whiny way he does, but Ronon’s not moving for anyone.

“No. Sleep. Go’way.” He puts a sulky tone into his voice, the one he knows annoys the hell out of Rodney, and almost immediately regrets it.

With barely enough warning to brace himself, just a muffled ‘now!’ from Rodney, all three of them attack. John calls this torture “tickling”. Ronon thinks it should have a better name, one that properly conveys the terror and helplessness it causes.

Before long, the four of them are laughing so much they can barely breathe, and John helps Ronon move to his side of the bed. He’s fought five or more wraith at once, run for miles without stopping, but he’s never been this worn out before - or this happy.

They eventually settle into their normal positions. John and Teyla fall asleep quickly, and Ronon reaches across Teyla to run his hand along Rodney’s body. He absently caresses up Rodney’s arm to his shoulder, and from there to his face; his eyes never leaving Rodney’s. Ronon’s voice is low and deep, heavy with something he can’t name.

“Thank you.”

Rodney brings Ronon’s hand to his lips and kisses his fingertips, looking deep into his eyes and smiling. When Rodney falls asleep, Ronon follows close behind.

And when he dreams, it’s of clear blue skies.

The End


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